Truck Adventures of Joe Joe, NEW 6/2/2017



However in Arkansas lots of Hill Billy's but now and then a cocksucker or two. 

Stopped at this rest area....damn poor one too,  had to leak  walked in...and the place smelled to high heaven.  Horrid.  I left  and right behind there was a path,  so walked a few feet down...  and there is this kid or young guy...perhaps 20, and he is beating his meat.

My presents didn't deter him.  I drained my blather.... and  started to get a hard on.   Guy walks right over, and grabbed my dick.... I wasn't about to turn down head.  

He dropped to his knees and starts sucking away. Then I felt his hand move behind me, and his guy is pulling my wallet out of my jeans.  I never carry much cash, but damn important  CC ID License all there. 
This fucking S O B didn't want to give it up.  I hit him  and he dropped my wallet. 

Guy is moaning in pain and he is on the ground.... obviously his sound drew attention to anyone near by but to my knowledge it was only he and I....  but  his reaction was that there was someone behind he. I turned and it was a state patrolman, in uniform with broad 
rim hat, boots. Surprised the hell out of me.

Then he said to this kid.

"All right Hubert Charles, you have been caught one too many times. Get on your feet." He said turning to me. 

 I was trying to put my dick back in my jeans, and he said,

" What happened?"

I told him he had tried to steal my wallet.  

Cop said, "I believe you, but next time your want a blow job, leave your wallet in your truck"

He started to walk away, and beaconed me to follow.  I did, and he said

"There is a guy down from here, who is one of the best cocksuckers of all time.  Follow me, I'll take you there."

  I said fine, but that I couldn't take an 18 wheeler just anywhere, and he said,

"Follow me. When I put on my directional signal, you pull off on the side of the road onto apron.  Lock up is you want but you can follow me on foot." 

 I doubted that for sure, but he left, then waited for me at the highway, and I pulled out, and when I got behind him, he pulled out. About a mile away, he put on his directional signal then stopped, and there was a apron off the road, and I pulled  onto it.  I sat  in my cab for a few minutes, he waited, then he got out, and locked his cop car.  When he took off walking down this drive  I followed.  About 60 feet down was this cabin, and a guy in coveralls sitting on the porch. He got up and 
greeted the cop.  Knew he mentioned me,  as he looked back as I kept walking, as did the guy.  As I approached he said 

"Yawl come on in."    The cabin I expected to be shabby. It was to a point but he had a sofa and a couple of overstuffed chairs. The Cop loosened his gun belt, took it off, and laid in on one of the chairs.  He walked over, stood in front of the sofa, and unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper, and hauled out his cock and sat down. 

  "Sit here buddy   You can watch me, and I can watch you."  He said,

The cabin owner came over, got on his knees and began to suck on this cop.   I sat down at the far end of the sofa,  took out my tool and watched the cop get blown.  Size might not be important to some but  his  cops cock was a 'doozie', and the cocksucker definitely preferred his huge penis to my 8 inches. 

I always wondered if a guy with 10 inches lasted longer than someone with 8, but he worked on him for a good ten minutes.

 "Damn it Clem, you must have stored that load up for a week." 

The cocksucker said, and moved over toward me and went down on me instantly.  He was damn good too.  Couple of times he put my dick in his mouth, let his mouth stay open, and shook his head violently
shaking my dick against the walls of his mouth, then closed up, and rode up and down until I shot my wad. When I came the cop said

"Ever have a blow job like that?"  he said stuffing his now soft but fucking big dick into his trousers.

 We both got up,  and the guy said  "Thanks for stopping by." 

The Cop and I walked back down the drive together.  He told me
if I was ever in neighborhood to stop anytime, and said,

"I gotta go back and drag that cocksucker thief's ass into jail.

    That was a first. Joe Joe

Another Adventure of Trucker Jo Jo

Outside Marshall Texas...  thought I was the only rig on the road

on this long stretch.... and see this   R V parked on the road... AND  tied up

 are 2 horses... tied to  Pick Up right side mirror... I can see this coming up on the  R V. 

 I slowed to a snail pace as I pass it...  the window facing road  is not covered
and I can see someone getting fucked as I pass this trailer.  (window eye level)   
   Unless I can think of excuse... couldn't stop, but I pulled right ahead of it 
and pulled  off the road.   Figured I would ask if they were having trouble...
  Guess I made enough noise...that my presents was known.  I am walking 
back, and the front end window... uncovered and I can see inside... this
  guy is getting fucked, by a cowboy..... as I got closer,  another cowboy 
makes an exit..shirt off, holding up his pants.. belt dangling.... when I saw
him I said, 

 "Have you got an emergency ?...need any help? ."

He said NO... and I stopped,  but he could see I couldn't take my eyes off
the window.   He didn't say anything...but he checked to see what I was looking at and then he said...

"Fucker doesn't have a window covering..."  and I said...
 "Wow looks like he is having a good time." 

 and cowboy said... "Damn good fuck in there."

  About this time the cowboy in the trailer look forward through the front window and see both of us.  He motion ... to me  or his buddy  to come forward.  I stayed still..

Cowboy I was talking to walks back to the trailer, sticks his head in...and they spoke, and he turns back, looks at me and says...

"Want some faggot ass to fuck ?"

I checked my pocket to see if I had a condom.... I did... so said Yes.   He said get in there dude, and in I went to fuck some young faggot ass.   
  Wish I knew details of that trio before he pulled off the road...?????   

 "I just had an Epiphany!


Really thinking of ignoring female advances! 'Period!'

They act like they are doing me a favor.  Nine out of 10 won't suck me. The time they prepare for sex is a 'bore'...and most of that time it's covering up smell or washing.  Less than half have a climax ...even when sex it's over they seem glad and act that I should kiss their ass for how wonderful they are.

Gay guys I have encounters really love what they do and they delight in seeing me pleasured. Never rush. Those that want it up the ass are clean, have better muscle control and grip on my dick more so than a cunt that can't . Even if a guy is blowing me and jerking off at the same time, or jacking while I fuck him., they seem to rejoice in a climax...some times even more than I do, but the 'BIG O', that moment of bliss, shooting my load up an ass or down a throat... there

is just nothing to compare to it. so..


Encounter last night, gal with looks, legs, the whole 9 yards, and she turned out to be nothing, selfish, limp, uncaring, bored,,, I really wanted to slap the bitch.  She couldn't
care about sex, with my dick inside of her.... nothing.   I pumped a few minutes and lost interest, and lost my hard on. I got up, got dressed, and with her singing, "What's wrong
honey?"  I walked out.   

Home for 10 minutes and  Rudy called.. came over... and our session was fantastic. He loves to suck my tits, play with hair on my chess, suck on my neck. 
The wife has gone... we still talk,  no animosity, she doesn't want to come back, make no demands... and for that I am happy.      Sorry if all this is a bore.  Joe Joe 


Something  New(No subject)

Today, 2:23 PM 5/5/2017

Sun 4/30, 3:23 AM--New From Jo Jo.

A  years back  A glory hole was easy to fine,  fun to get head....

Gone with the wind  ?????    I am no authority

 Trucker told me  in small towns in Tennessee W Virginia   Mississippi there are a few... all old,  wooded partitions...but

Hank told me about a Bar   Western State...  When you walk in 

looks  straight...  guys at Bar, few at table...  Place smelled like Beer  

but He said the head was ANOTHER  THING.  I checked it out...

no one there...  long  trough   4  to 5 feet long....but no one present. 

but some noise, grunting... at far end of Men's room,  a doorway,  curtain over it. 

 Sound coming from there.  I checked it out... and  room with tiny 7 watt light bulb,

and 3 guys,  all in boots and Jeans... 2 with Western hats,  and they are flush against
this wall.  There are 6    12 inch  holes, and someone is sucking them off. 
As I could tell... 6 holes   and  3 cocksuckers...   I went over,  zipped down
 and plugged in...  no on with down on me for a minute or so... then I think
this one guy is going from dick to dick,,,   6 holes,  4 of us... and 3 cocksuckers. 
  On let out a holler  and  unloaded.  So now 3 dicks  and 3 cocksuckers.
Then someone else came in, but he went to open area, entered and I think
that is where the sucker were....  Then guy came in carrying beer...

So glory holes aren't dead....gone... just now where I expected them. ??????

HIT OMAHA. 4/13 .. I was there before to Meat Shippers  Dock.  I no longer

drive refrigerator products...  but in last 2 years they built  Produce Warehouse right
across the road..  My memory of the Meat Shippers lingers... so had 4 hour wait for 
loading...walked over... and  no questions memory served me right.   I hit their Lounge and Coffee room...

  Only 3 guys there...  went into the John,  and like before, a place for head.
There were 3 truckers and 2 cocksuckers... Must be known to all... no questions
no rushing to zip up, or leave .... until satisfied.  Obviously guy getting head 
had been there, had gone and returned... as guy sucking his dick said. "You  back again?"

  Actually one guy was zipping gathered he had had his turn. I watched for about 5 minutes,  and one left, and the other two dumped their load.

  I was motioned to come closer. I did, and guy on his knees undid my belt, button and 
pulled my jeans down, with my shorts.  He went directly on my pecker, and the other one
gets behind me and is eating my ass.  Had that before... not very often... but I just about
faint from the feeling.  I think I pumped a cup of Jizz when I came.

      That meat dock has a cafeteria that was terrific, so after leaving I ate.
When I finished, I still had 2 hour wait, and went back to the lounge, and no one there,
but in the John, same 2 guys sucking dick, but 4 truckers this time.   Joe Joe

NEW 4-10-17

Yesterday in Tennessee

I had stop for gas and while the attendant was taking care of my Rig two young men about 18 or 19 started talking to me. They said they were brothers and the attendant was their older brother.  He was in his mid 20s.

One of the young men said to me. "nice budge in your pants.  Is that all you?, and the other one said  "Looks nice and big. Big enough we can share." .The attendant made a node toward either me or the brothers.  One of he young men took my hand and led me to the men's room and the other one followed,  Once inside they unzipped my jeans and took our my cock. One proceeded to suck on my cock as the other one took down my pants and started rimming my ass.  They gave me a great blow job and a hot rimming. It was wild.  I came hard as they shared my shooting cum.  Wow. What a peasant surprise.


 Driving all night, I just had to  bed down.  Did so  at a   T A   stop... with 

some bunk beds.  Checking in at  3AM  is a bitch...  parked rig, and in I went

This one has 8 bunks,,,,  at  3 AM expected them to be filled with 
sleeping truckers.  Walked in on an orgy... not really  but  2 gays...
were servicing 4 drivers.   One getting fucked  doggie style on a mattress
the other sucking who ever presented a hard on.

I stood and watched for a while, and one of the truckers said to me
YOUR TURN.      Guy jumped on my dick....
Guy getting fucked said ...  Wait... fuck me when he's finished....
I didn't have a rubber so I ignored him, but the cocksucker is working frantically 
on me... and I finally popped.    

I was dog tired.  I found a cot and laid down... I fell asleep 
but woke when the guy getting fucked was sucking my dick.
"I can't now, I gotta sleep."  I told him...   what ever happened to 
the other cocksucker I don't know.   Looked like I was the 
only driver there. ???????

When I got up  about  6 30  I was the only one there.  I showered
and departed.    Attendant out side ask me "What when on in there
last night."    I didn't want to rely... so said nothing.  Joe Jo

It was not a security trip,  but a rush one, so I needed a relief
driver.  From Point A to B... we did not stop... I was with Hank, 
but the return trip was  leisure,  and our pick up zone, took us 3 hours.

Guy on the dock said, "If you guys want to "have your ashes hauled,
there's a cocksucker in the warehouse."

  You bet Hank was all  for that.   We went back there, and there had to be six or eight 
guys waiting there turn,   The one sucking everyone off was
a younger guy... someone said he was a trucker, I was unsure.

  For sure it was a sex show while we waited.  Hank is pumping
his dick while he  watched, and he hollered  

"Shit, I'm going to shoot."  and this guy was off of the cock he was sucking and onto Hank in seconds.   Hank getting blowed is a show in itself. He's tall, bearded, muscle and that fucker has a good 9 inches plus. 
   After he pumped his load down this guys throat, he reaches
over and pulls me over, and pushes the guy on toward me. 

    Couple of the truckers waiting for service said, "Hold on man, I was next."   The guy sucking dick  went right over and started to suck off the guy making the objection.  He was the only black there, and he had a lot to service.  He finally got around to me, and what a hot mouth this guy had.   When I finished, Hank was right there for a second blow job. 

    I haven't had any action on the road now for some time. 
Joe Joe  

Louisiana, Some snow but when crossing into south, easy drive. Unsure if it is the ride, or the way I sit, but I so often get a boner when driving. Yep always on the look out for a blow job, but my stops are limited and finding action even harder, depending on where I am and when.

       Diner just over the Missouri state line, has a waitress that I have plugged several times. She’s pretty, but loud. If she thinks her other waitress’s don’t know she is a slut & that is her problem, but she is a good fuck. She greases up her cunt before she ever sees a man. Know 2 other guys that have dicked her, so she is really sex hungry. I don’t need to fuck her, just push in and she wiggles all over the place. She says she want to make a porn film with me.  Tells me they pay $20. 

Knew a driver from Montreal and he told me he did a porn film once, and said to me, “Unless you live in a monastery don’t do it.” He said at least 10 people he knew saw the film, and 4 or 5 were living near his home town. It was not with her, but when ever I see porn I look out for this gal. She will show up in one of them I am sure.

       In Arkansas they have a lot of adult book stores.  Stopped several times, when parking is possible, but the cunts working there are so fucking tacky, & you walk in and they act like they know you, want to go into booths with you….for the most part they are just shit.  Once in a while you find one of their customers that like to suck cock, but Those fucking cunts think nothing of opening your booth door, and ordering one of us to leave. Fuck that.  Wish I was not so Horny all the time.

       Last time at a Adult Bookstore, that happen, so ask him out & into my truck. Delighted me and I got to pump out a 3 day load

    Anyway I made it to Baton Rouge, and waiting for an unload, thus time to write this. Joe Joe   

Next Day

Read you sometimes when on the road,  (Tablet) if I can fine wi- fi.  It's a bitch trying to eat, reading your stuff, and getting a hard on.
Know the waitress see I have a bone on.

Had to stop for fill up.  Attendant is gay... I was told by another trucker,  and said something to him and he was interested, but How  Where  When...  all negative under todays conditions but I Got his phone, and he said if I could text him half hour before next arrival  he could really take care of me.    Lot of good that does  when I wanted it NOW.  

      Just ready to leave, and guy I know there came over and asked where I was heading and I told him, and he asked if I would take some guy who needed a lift.  That is totally forbidden. Long story, insurance,  law suits, and a dozen other reasons, but he is telling me he was "Really great company"  what ever that meant, but a wink wink, translated that is to curiosity.

The guy quickly appeared, good looking guy, very Joe College... but not prissy or stuck up.

"Well, yes or no ?" he said.   It was getting dark, and I thought about the wink, wink and decided to take a chance.  Told him he had to vacate a few miles from Louisville, and he agreed.  
So off we go.

  First half hour I learned that the guy I know, who suggested this to begin with likes sucking dick, a fact I did not know.  He said he was "Damn good" but "Wanted the same thing in return."  I said, "How did you handle that?" and he said,  "It's not my thing, but I can accommodate if I like the guy.

 It was now dark and rest area is coming up, and I asked if he would accommodate me, and he said sure.   Thought he was going to ask for reciprocation but said nothing.

He was really a nice guy, did not bring the subject up again, but knew from his actions he was unaccustomed but not ignorant on what to do.  He was fucking good,   Almost hated to see him go. 
       Over and Out  Joe Joe

  G;ad you like my sexual adventures,  but there haven't been many recently sad to say. 

I  will check later to see if hole cut in fence. Doubt it... fence was cyclone. 

 I drive alone most of time, but when I do security runs Hank goes with me. He is licensed to carry a gun, as I am, and we have to do those in pairs.

As far as my dick wanting attention...... ALWAYS  

As for Joey and I, both fucking Homer... never would happen.. sounds sexy, but 
Homer would never consent nor would Joey.... and most likely I wouldn't either. 

Joey know I fucked Homer before I introduced them.   Week or so ago I 
asked Homer how Joey was treating him, and he said "Fucking good."  Then he
said "I thought you were the best, but Joey is fantastic. He's so fucking big."

 Yes... if I connect with a guy I am bring them home with Cora gone but Rudy here  in hometown, has been very accommodating,  great head,  hot ass too.  

Joey seems so happy... so does Homer.
   Have e mail for you in my draft file...... will send later  Joe Joe. 

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