This is Robbie a friend of mine.  He is my youngest buddy but loves for me to suck him off all he time.  Sometimes he meets me in the School Rest room and lets me suck a load out of his hot cock.  We got caught one day by one of the  teachers. He made me suck Robbie off in front of him, then sent him on his way and forced me to suck him off.  I now have to suck my teacher off once or more times a week.

This is my teacher Mr Cox that caught me sucking off Robbie.  He thinks he is forcing me to suck him off, but what cocksucker wouldn't love to suck him off?  He is HOT.  I'm hoping I can get him to fuck me sometime.  I let Robbie watch me suck Mr Cox off then take Robbie off later.

This is one of the Janitors at our school.  I suck him off now and then.  He takes me into one of his private rooms and lets me make love to his cock.  Isn't he handsome? 

I caught Jerry, one of my dad's buddies and work buddies  jacking off while watching some of my dads  x-ratted movies. I told him I'd tell unless he lets me suck him off. Now he lets me take him off every week before he goes home to his wife. When he cums he goes wild.

One of the coach’s assistance.  His dick is so big around that I am afraid to let me fuck me.  Nice huh? I have jacked him off several time after school.

One of the Seniors that likes for me to suck him off.  

This is one of the guys that work with my dad. He loves my mouth to fuck.  Here are a few more hot construction men I suck off.
He fucks me now and then.
Sam. Lets me suck him off. 
Cal wants to fuck me but he cums too quick.

Getting a quick suck during rest time. 
One of the foremen.  He is just Trade, but has a nice cock to suck.

My Uncle drops by weekly for me to drain a nice load of hot cum.

As I look out the window of my apartment I can view my straight neighbor sunning him self on his hammock.  I think he knows I watch him and is just tempting  me by showing off his hairy ass.  Maybe he wants a good fucking. 

More wonderful Trailer Trash Neighbors.  I Love his big dick. Hot looking tattoos.

A good tasty load is given to me by one of my 'drop by' construction workers.  He often brings by his younger brother for me to suck off too.  They both have big cocks. 
Me fucking my young buddies
Jerry likes to show me that he can cum so hard that it goes into his mouth.I'd rather take it in my mouth.
Angel has a smooth delicious body and tasty cock. One of my son's fuck buddies. 

I finally got my next door neighbor to come over and let me fuck his butt.


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  1. I love trailer trash porn. Can't get enough. Wish I could experience it,instead of just reading it.