Truckers at Bunkhouse_GH movie added. 10-16



I went to the floor as he spread his legs to let me have full control of his cock and balls. I started pleasuring my newfound friend's cock as another trucker set beside us. He pulled his cock out and started to jack off. Things were beginning to get interesting.

I looked up and saw a hairy chested stud with a nice trim beard. His cock was very large around with a big head and firm ball. I was willing to release his warm cum into my cock sucking mouth.

The trucker next to me was ready to shoot his load so I immediately slipped between his legs to take his hot load. By this time, he had taken his pants down to his ankles. I could taste his pre-cum from his throbbing cock

Get down on the floor where you belong, cocksucker, and service me.”

I took a deep breath and reached up and took hold of the other trucker standing over me. He offered me his hard warm cock. It was another nice hot cock that I was ready to release the love juices.

I looked out of the corner of my eyes and could see in the now dark room several truckers jacking off while watching the movie. I could feel this trucker’s cock starting to cum and letting it flow into my mouth. I gently drained his cock, milking down every wonderful drop.

The head of his cock was big and so nice. I didn’t want this one to shoot off too quickly but I didn’t want to lose it either

. He was playing with his balls and ass and was offering me his manhood. How lucky I was tonight to get so many hunks.

Damn, that’s good. Keep it up cocksucker. Suck all that love juice out my cock. Drink it all down, man, drink it all.” Then he shook and came about 6 long and deep spurts.

I remained on my knees to offer my mouth to the next horny trucker. Another hot looking trucker walked up to me unzipped his pants and offered me his cock. He had a very nice lengthy cock that hung out of his pants like a hose.

I looked up and another hot looking trucker was watching my last session with my last master. It must have turned him on because he grinned and rubbed his balls. He was only wearing a leather jacket and his biker boots. He had removed his jeans exposing his big thick uncut dick.

Big-black and juicy.
 As I licked his cock, I could taste some of his sweet cum from a previous fuck. I saw his wedding band thinking he recently fucked his old lady and I was tasting the unwashed pussy juice from his cock. It was excited to be cleaning his cock for him with my tongue and for his appreciation; he would shoot another load of sperm into these cocksuckers fucking mouth.

I saw a naked young trucker setting in a chair close to me. He was ‘kicking back’; eyes closed waiting for me to service him. I went to him dropped to my knees again and went down on his semi-hard 8-inch cock.

What a beautiful cock.” I said as I held it in my hands pulled it up to my lips and face to caress and kiss.

I had so many big and perfect cocks this evening I wondered if it could get any better. I was admiring another hot looking dude earlier but he looked mean but very sexy. He was watching me suck off the cowboy trucker with interest

Here he had a cocksucker that would worship his manly cock a cocksucker that knew how to do it right and give him pleasure. He could not hold any longer and suddenly shot his load into me gasping with pleasure. His spurts were long and deep as he gasps in complete ecstasy.

I felt something on his booth. It was a freshly cum filled rubber from one of the other men. He had just finished jacking off, took it off his cock still filled with stud juice. He dropped it on the boot or perhaps threw it to me as an offering. I picked it up so I could taste it later.

Tucker sucking another trucker at a Glory Hole.
 Good Nice and juicy cum. 

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Sucking off a Hot cop by a Truck Stop.  I did his partner too and later that afternoon they both fucked me in the back of my van.  His partner was a big black dude with a 11 inch cock.
Getting fucked by the cop in he parking lot.

Sucking off the security guard in the warehouse.


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