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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sucking Off the Minivan Driving Dad

This is the third time my minivan-driving dad has stopped by to unload his full nutsac down my faggot throat.

I got an email at lunchtime asking if I'd be free and quickly responded, "YES" and asked what time.

I love how before he even unzips his pants, his big dick is already boned and pointing str8 up...gets me soooo fucking hot.

I first lick his cockhead and take his dick all the way down my throat and hold it there with his dickhead poking thru the ring in my throat, licking gently and moaning for him. He cums super quickly, so everything happens very slow and gently, which turns me on even more...I love sucking dicks with a hair trigger more than anything...

I usually do a good job taking care of his furry nuts in between holding his dick in my mouth and gently licking underneath his dickhead until I feel his body start to shudder and stiffen up...then I back off and go back to his big, sweet nuts, lapping them up and matting the hair down with my tongue and making sure that they are slick and wet and tightened up and ready to pump their big sweet babyload of sperm down my throat.

Once I decided that I was ready for his dick to squirt cum in my mouth (he is a pretty big cummer)...I came off his balls and took his dickhead into the back of my throat and licked underneath his shaft, moaning and slurping on his thick boner. He stiffened up in under two minutes, going from curved up at about 80 degrees to almost totally str8 up at 90 degrees and pulsing...and his body began to shudder. I was ready for sperm, so i licked gently and held his dickhead buried in my throat...
lick, lick, lick
pulse, pulse, pulse
lick, lick, lick

then I felt him push his dick forward and really lodge his big dickhead and thick shaft down my throat...i kept licking as slowly and gently as i could muster. keep in mind that i love it when a dick squirts or blasts big streams of sperm in my mouth, so it's difficult for me NOT to want to make a dick squirt in my mouth, but i also love to tease a guy who is close to cumming, because we all know that once a dick is in distress, the more you keep it on the edge, licking and teasing it, the bigger the reward will be when it finally decides to explode..
Needless to say, I could tell that moment of no turning back was upon him...I kept licking and felt his body shudder and heard him moan, "unnnnnhhhh,

unhhhhhhhh...fuck." at that last moment his dick pushed forward again and was held stationary in the back of my throat for what seem an eternity...being the good faggot that i am, i kept licking and had in fact slowed down considerably, knowing that my reward was on its way. i felt his dick swell up in size and then the extaordinary feeling of his dick pulsing uncontrollably and squirting sperm in streams and spurts started...

the first three pulses produced what could only be described as "streams" of sperm...from the first time he came in my mouth i've relished that moment since it feels as though his hard dick is pissing in my mouth as a steady, forceful stream of hot liquid is sprayed into my mouth...but once it coats my tongue and i am able to gulp, i realize it's not piss, it's delicious tasting sperm that is coming out of his dick in much so that if i didn't gulp, i don't think i'd be able to keep his dick in my mouth without for those first few blasts of sperm, i gulp quickly to get it all down and then i savor the rest as it spurts out of his dick at a more normal rate and velocity...

Once my mouth was completely jizzed and filled with his babybatter, i thanked him and watched him dress. he always wants to use the restroom to wash off after i suck his dick...probably so the wife won't smell cum...oh well. he feeds me a big load and pets my face through the GH and tells me what a good cocksucker i am and it puts a HUGE smile on my face.

He pulls up his khakis and takes his hot blond body, big gold wedding ring and cellphone belt attachment and ambles out the door and back to his minivan and his family...

I wonder HOW a good looking man like him with a dick that I'd pick out of ANY lineup and declare "PERFECT" doesn't get enough cockworship at home! It makes me want to go out and give cocksucking lessons to wives all over the country...then again, i'd rather SHOW their husbands, demonstrating my technique en personne--and train the trainer.

Sucks Big-dicked Hockey Player

Got an email off a CL ad:

"23, 6'0", 190, 7.5c, need sucked"

I told him where and when and he said he'd be over as soon as his hockey practice was done....

He showed up still wearing a jersey and stripped down...his big dick already half hard and pulsing upwards as it filled up with blood and came through the gloryhole...i licked the big dickhead like a good little faggot and heard him moan from the other side. His dick tasted like a fresh shower and after a few licks begand to drool delicious precum.

I swirled my tongue around his dickhead and took his dick all the way down, until his big head throbbed, pulsed and drooled down the back of my throat. As I licked gently under his cock, I felt his dick pulse in unison. "You like that dick?" he asked. "Fuccghhh yeahhh," was my muffled response. "You like cum?" he asked. "Oh fuccgkk yehhhh," I pleaded as I licked. His dick continued to pulse and leak, coating my throat opening with cockslime...I used his precum as lube and pushed his big dickhead through the ring in my throat...BINGO!

"Fuck yeah...there ya go," he said. I held his dickhead in my throat and licked underneath his cock and felt his cumtube pulse as more precum oozed out and slipped down my throat. He started to fuck my throat a little and I moaned approval. "You like that?...want me to fuck your throat more, huh? Yehhhh."

He fucked my throat and mouth for a few minutes and I could tell between all the precum in my mouth and how stiff his cock was, he was getting close. I came off his dick and licked his blonde hairy nuts until they were tight and glistening, then I went back to his dick and continued to lick and slurp and suck...

I went up and down on his big thick hockey stick until I heard his breathing quicken...then I just held his dick halfway in my mouth and licked slowly underneath that big dickhead, moaning and really begging for his sperm. "You want my cum?" he asked.

I could only moan and keep licking. His dick was rock hard. I caressed his wet, furry balls and continued to moan and lick like a good little faggot.

Lick, lick, lick...

"Ahhhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhhh..." followed by big splurts of cum in my mouth. I gulped and moaned the whole time his cock was filling my mouth up with his delicious fucking sweet and tasty. I squirted all over the floor in front of me spontaneously as the taste of his sperm exploded in my mouth...

I cleaned him up and smiled through the hole. "Very hot, buddy...thanks!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faggot Swallows Cum for Another Breeder

Last night, another ad, another sweeeeet breeder dick, and another thick, delicious nutty tasting load of sperm to swallow.
Got right to work on his huge dickhead, licking underneath it, swirling my tongue around it and moaning as it pressed against the back of my throat and started to leak its precious cargo.
He liked getting sucked slowly and at one point fucked my mouth VERY slowly so that each time his dickhead reached the opening of my throat, I could feel his cock pulse and taste more sweet pre-jizz. Once my mouth was totally coated in precum, I held his dickhead in the back of my throat, licking and slurping like a good little faggot. I heard him ask, "You want it?" I moaned as I licked gently and slowly again. He pressed his cock thru the GH as far as it would go. I licked even slower this time and moaned, pleading for his sperm. "Ohhh, FUCK!" he said. I licked again and this time got my reward. "Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhhhh," he moaned and his dick swelled up and started to blast sperm into my mouth in cadence with the moans, feeding me 3 or 4 quick spurts of thick, very sweet tasting sperm that set of explosions of delight as it coated my tongue and back of my throat. I managed to moan a muffled "fuck yeahhhh" as his dick continued to pulse and spurt precious babymaking sperm into my mouth. I received it like the gift it was and savored and swallowed every drop. Held his pulsing dick in my mouth until the pulsing subsided and licked his cock clean. He withdrew after squeezed another droplet of sperm from his dickhead and licked it off. "Hot, buddy! Thank you for squirting your cum in my mouth," I said as he pulled up his jeans. "Thank YOU," he said. "Later." And disappeared.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Sweet Loads

Couldn't help but beat the Monday blahs by putting an ad on CL and see who popped UP. Found a big-dicked stud who said he needed serviced bad...

"hey guy... vgl and v discreet mwm here... masc, athletic and in great shape.. 6'3", 200#, 7.5 thick cut and all guy"

he was all guy, alright and very full of babybatter, as it turned out. i'm very happy that i was able to help him out.

he showed up with a hot looking beefy buddy and immediately unzipped his jeans and allowed me to lick and lap at his big headed dick as it went from soft to total boner in my constantly licking mouth. i moaned the first time i felt the dickhead hit the back of my throat and also moaned at the first taste of delicious precum. it is moments like these that i realize how much i love being a total cocksucker and pleasing men like him.

i lost myself in the smell of his cock, the taste of his dick and precum and the throbbing and responsiveness that told me not only was his dick sensitive (love it), but that he was probably carrying a few days worth of nutjuice in his big balls.

normally i would try my best to deepthroat a dick and lodge the man's dickhead down my throat, but for some reason, i was so thirsty for this dude's cum that i let him fuck my mouth without bothering...i was loving this dude's dick and totally needing to gulp and swallow his cum.

i couldn't see what the other guy was doing to him, but he started bucking and moaning and his dickhead was bluntly colliding with the back of my throat and coating it with turn on. i sensed he was closer and started using my hand to work his boner while i kept licking underneath his big dickhead...that did it!

after about 6 minutes of fun, he was already blasting off! i felt his dickhead swell up and then three forceful blasts of thick, heavy delicious sperm spurted into my mouth...i tipped my head back to try to show some of it squirting into my mouth (i need to get better at this clearly!)...the only thing you can see is that my mouth is filling up with some kind of pearly white liquid...believe me there was PLENTY of it and it was sweet and delicious! made me so happy that i am a faggot and that i get to gulp delicous babymaking sperm from guys like him...

i hardly had time to lick my lips and swallow the first load down when the hunky sidekick stepped up (reluctantly or was he close and hesistant)...but as soon as his dick slid into my cumslick mouth (he moaned loudly and uncontrollably, the way a teenager does when he passes the point of no return...). I was licking steadily and his dick was pistoning in and out of my mouth...seemed like at one point he tried to pull back and save it, but also seemed like the other dude pushed him forward...his dick lurched back through the hole and i could tell he was really vulnerable. I licked underneath his shaft gently and sucked and he moaned loudly and bucked one more time into my mouth, held it there, moaning uncontrollably as his dick began to pulse and then within seconds squirt 5 or 6 big juicy blasts of sperm into my mouth.

On video it all took about 8 minutes...hehehe. Such a LOT of fun in a short amount of time! But I love guys who have hair triggers...usually i enjoy teasing them but I was very needful tonight.

It was hot, fun and oh so delicious...hope to keep these posts coming. :))

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