Straight neighbors and friends-Movie Added 7-8-15


One of my buddies from school.  Loves to cum when I deep throat him.

One of my buddies likes for me to jack him off, then take his cum before he goes to the GYM to work out.

Next door neighbor.  Nice balls to suck on. He is a grower not a shower but sure likes to be drained and rimmed. 
This guy likes a quick blow job at the Gym.  Says he straight but loves the way I service his big cock.  One day one other guy walked in on us while I was sucking him off and from that day on I have to suck him off too. He was even hunker that this guy I blew at the Gym.

Jerry is another hot trucker that I suck off when ever he is in town.  He likes to stay with me one night while his bud stays in the truck.  He usually comes 3 or 4 times in a 24hr period.  Cute married dude with 1 kid.  Love this guy and his big prick.  Loves to have his ass rimmed.  I'm gonna get him to fuck me some night with that hard prick.
One of My favorite cocks to suck.
Trucker loves my suck jobs.  He is married but loves to cum in my mouth.  He said he will bring another trucker with him next week.

Rough trade?

I was at one of my favorite rest areas cruising one day when I saw a few trucks parked in the truck area. I always had a thing for truckers and thought I would check out the restroom. Another guy that was cursing the area saw me as I was about to head into the john and he said to me.

Watch out for that trucker. He is weird and giving the other gays a strange look.” I nodded a ‘thank you’ and still headed to the john.

I had never had problems with truckers. They always treated me good and I in return would treat them good. I entered the john and saw a trucker setting in one of the booths. This one had a small peek hole in it. Not big enough for any action. I stood there pissing in the stool and when I had finished I walked out to the sink. He immediately came out and started to wash his hands. He looked at me and said.

Are you a cock sucker?” I looked directly back at him and said.

Yes. Do you want your cock sucked?” He said.

Yes, let’s go to my cab.” I followed him to his truck, crawled into his cab and we had a great time in the bunk. I not only got him off 2 times but fucked the daylights out of him. 


Come over here and suck my cock before my wife gets home.  I need it drained.
Glad you live in the neighborhood.

Coach at school fucks my mouth when ever we can get together.  He usually cums 2 times and wants to fuck my ass sometime when we have a free moment.

God. I love this butch trucker.  He's gets kind of rough but I like it.l

This is one of the baseball players from college.  Love to lick on his balls.

Suck it cocksucker.  I need to cum again.

Drink it all cocksucker. Yum Yum

Construction dude getting sucked.


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