Nothing better than a guy who understands your needs and just eases off sucking you as you cum, so you can just relax and enjoy unloading into his mouth until you’re done feeding him your load.

“I still can’t believe you’re a fag, dude… but I ain’t complainin’… havin’ a roommate that sucks a mean cock is a huge fuckin’ bonus… but aren’t ya embarrassed, man? I mean, shit… it ain’t nothing to be proud of, man… look at ya… fuck, dude, you got a fuckin’ faceful of my dick, dude, that’s just WRONG… but dude, you suck better than my bitch… so if you don’t care about being humiliated, you can suck on my fuckin’ crank any time you feel like swallowin’ a batch…”
That’s where non cocksuckers just don’t get it…cocksuckers have a lot to be proud of…proud to be of service to Men and the pleasure we give, proud of our technique.  What else, fellow cocksuckers?

 It's nice to be home with my Fag buddy.  You service me good. 

 Kissing is for lovers, but sucking cock is recreational. Give me a beer, a ballgame and a meaty slab to suck on and I’m good.

Damn Bitch, you act like you really need it ! Fuck, your nothing but a worthless faggot ! “

 Serving one of my trucker studs.  I see him two times a week to service him.

Get lost in HIS cock. Let HIM see what a mindless animal u turn into because of HIM.
Power exchange isn’t just physical. Show HIM how he alters ur mind and see HIM revel in the control it gives HIM.
see the MEN i worship:

“Make a fuckin’ meal out of it, faggot. I’m serious. Embarrass yourself. Humiliate yourself. Show me how shameless a homosexual can be when he’s given the chance to feed on a real man’s cock. C’mon faggot, sloppy and wet. Show me how a pig eats. Get it good and stiff, swallow it to the balls, get that tongue in motion, make some noise. C’mon faggot. Eat!”
Make them desperate.
A true cocksucker does not mind humiliating himself in front of a feeder whose cock he is servicing.  It comes with the territory.  Whatever it takes…
Take all my cum, cock sucker. Then get me a beer then we'll do this again.  I need to get off before I go back to my barracks.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

So, you’d rather suck cock than anything else?

It’s the defining character of a cocksucker. The desire to give a blow job more than to receive one. The need to bring another man pleasure at the expense of your own sexual release. It’s unexplainable biologically and logically. It is a rejection of your primal desire to release seed and it marks you as an inferior who serves and worships real Men. Admitting it is the first step on a wonderful journey of self acceptance and satisfaction in your new station in life

Use the fag’s mouth like the cum-dump fuck hole that it is - nothing more just a warm, wet hole to cum in & then dismiss it and forget about it until You need to dump another hot load !
Being a cocksucker is not only about being used like this but also about being available when needed. Whist He may not think about the cocksucker until He next needs to dump a load, the cocksucker will be eagerly awaiting the call. A cocksucker is always thinking about the most recent cock he’s serviced as well as the next.

This is how I expect to get sucked.
Throat Deep. Every time.
I love it when a Man knows what He wants and knows He is entitled to expect it.

Men have needs.  Whether gay or straight real Men have needs.   Straight men have whore houses or street prostitutes and every podunk town has a whore or two willing to service straight Men.   Those business do not exist for gay men except perhaps in the biggest cities.  Gay men have faggots in glory holes and cruisey areas like this to meet their needs.   Readily available and for free.    Gay men need to realize they have it good in some ways that their straight brothers do not.   Of course faggots will also eagerly service any straight Men who are open minded about using them to fulfill their needs but not all are.  To their own detriment.

Cock after cock, load after load, I fulfill my purpose as a cocksucker. Opening my throat for cocks I know and those I’ve never seen before with equal relish and abandon! Serving the rigid flesh of men is beyond fetish or obsession, it’s a destiny.

Nothing like a mans cum
Feeling HIS release is intoxicating. Thats very well put…whereas a Man experiences the pleasure of his body by using His cock as it was designed to be used, for the cocksucker, feeling His relief is intoxicating…and addictive.

The look on this Superior’s face would drive any faggot wild.  Without a word, He shows His total power, His entitlement to be worshiped.  He lays back and just enjoys the view of a faggot submitting to His power and worshiping Him as the God He is. 


A good blow job for your man during his lunch break. 
You are now his fag boy. Worship his big cock. 

YEAH. You are now my official cock sucker.  My girl will be so jealous. 

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, here it comes, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, I’m coming in your mouth, take it, take my load, swallow it! 

More to cum.  Watch this space. 


  1. I am a dedicated and cum hungry cock sucker! I love cock and of course the reward I get for a job well done!!

    1. Good for you. I admire a dedicated cock sucker. Most guys are lousy cock suckers. I love a good bj at t GH. Keep watching and reading my stories, Dick Clinton

  2. Wow. I can imagine myself with each and everyone of those hot studs giving them each blow jobs and going back when ever they needed me or any where they need me.

  3. Im still looking for a cock sucker who can suck cock in an edgy way (get me to almost cum, stop, rest, then suck again - stop/start until the boy really knows he will get a BIG load from his friend. Offers ?

  4. Where are you, I'll suck you dry. I'll suck so hard your balls will turn inside out. If you can catch your breath, you can now start fucking me & keep at it until you cum inside me. I'll then suck your cock clean. If you're anywhere near me, I'm ready!

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