Truckers-Pictures-New 9-14


 Waiting for a cock sucker to join him for sex 

 Getting a blow job during his break.
 In need of a blow job.
 Pissing by his rig. 

 Morning woody waiting for you to suck him off.
 Showing his dick.

This is normal for truckers to drive in his shorts or naked.
He may be a dirty hard working trucker but you can take him home clean him up and suck him dry or fuck a welcome ass.
Set on this one during my break.
Coy but you know what he wants. 
Like what you see, cock sucker? 
 Well come and get it.
Sunning himself between blow jobs.
I'm available for a good suck job.We might have to do it here, My wife is home.

Tucker in Prison is offered a big cock.

The trucker's bunk house always has one of these bunks. 
Still waiting for that morning blow job.
Come on in.  I need my ass rimmed too if you want me.

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