Lumber Jacks 

You like what you see cock sucker? Suck on it and get some hot stud juice.
 Nice dick for sucking.
I love to watch this dude Jack off by the railroad tracks while waiting for the lumber train.

Lick my booths then you can eat my ass before you suck my cock. 
Love to share my cock with you.  Make me cum.
Good fuck after a ride on my hog. You ass feels good.  

Thanks for the fuck. 
Lumber Jacks love to fuck each other. 
Taking a load before breakfast.  Nice protein. 

 You want to blow me?  It may look small now but once you wrap you hot mouth on it, it grows.

Now drain it.

Oh fuck yeah. I love the way you suck my cock each day.  I get so horny around you cock suckers. I need to be drained all the time. I can't believe you are a fag but who cares as long as you keep us men happy. 

Hot man needs to be loved. Nice cock to suck. 

Tasting a hot load from a new lumber jack. Next time I will have him fuck me with that big juicy cock. 

Nice way to wake me up before we go to work. Oh blow me.  I'm about to cum. 

Just relaxing and waiting for my daily blow job by one of the cock suckers that work here at the camp.
Take my load before I go to bed. Don't want to waste any of it. Love having you cock suckers around when I need to drop a load.  Wake me up in the morning by taking my woodie.  Love the way you suck me off. 

Horny dude.

Oh fuck.  I love to jack off while you watch me here in the bunkhouse. Next time I'll have one of the cock suckers drain my hot cock and drink this cum.

Mumm.  Love to lick some of the Lumberjacks hot ass'.
Jack off session before we go to work.

Damn.  These Forest Rangers look hot fucking in the forest.
 I'd like to fuck that ass after my buddies fill his ass with hot cum.

Lunch break.

Hot Lumberjack cooling off his balls before one of the other guys  suck his cock.

Just a normal day of fucking in the barracks.This muscle guy has a huge cock and drops a big load.  The one getting fucked, Jason, has been fucked by 6 dudes already this evening and 6 more are waiting to fuck his ass.

Just waiting for his afternoon blow job.

He loves to fuck men but sometimes uses a condom so one of the cock suckers can swallow his load.

You love my cock don't you?  Keep on sucking and be sure to swallow all my cum.  I hate to wast it. Oh yeah. Feels good.

Anyone want to tie me up before we fuck?I need a rough fuck tonight. Any takers?

This foreman love to fuck my ass everyday when we are out in the woods.  Who am I to complain...and who is next.?

Oh Yeah. Eat my ass you cock sucker. Tongue fuck my ass while your down there. 

Lumber Jack needing to be sucked before he gets some sleep.  Any volunteers?

Cute Lumber Jack. He likes to get fucked once in a while and will take on several of the guys in one session.

Watching TV and hoping some dude will come by and lick his balls, arm pits and suck him dry before the football game starts.

Testing out the newest employee to see if he can fuck and cum in one of the other new employees.Looking good so far. Nice tats.

Sexy pose while taking a piss.

Whoops. They couldn't wait to fuck before watching the ball game. 
Young lumberjacks fucking in the locker room.

One of the hot dudes that work at the mill.He claims to be straight but sure like to get his cock sucked.


  1. All the guys look so hot like then to gang bang me.

  2. Get in line. Perhaps you'll be lucky.