Thursday, April 4, 2019

Trailer Trash Larry, Part 01

Used as a Punk Boy

I lived with my Uncle Bill and his son, my cousin, Kyle in a trailer park in the south part of town. I was only 12 when I was first dropped off by my dad just before he went to work on an Oil Rig Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. He told me he would come back for me in about a year. That was 5 years ago and I am still here.

I’m still trying to finish school and work part time at a nearby truck stop. My Uncle Bill is 35 and Kyle is 19, and both work as construction workers for a near by highway company.

When my dad left me at Uncle Bills, it was understood I would have to do the cleaning, cooking and housework for my keep. During the first month, I soon took on the roll as their ‘punk boy’ to satisfy their sexual needs.

I had been sleeping with my father before moving in with Uncle Bill, and when he got drunk and horny, he’d fuck me or make me suck him off. I didn’t mind because I loved my hunky ex-Marine dad. I was sorry he left me, but I've adjusted and enjoy satisfying my Uncle Bill and Kyle. Sometimes they treated me like a sex slave, but I learned to enjoy this as well.

My Uncle Bill was an ex-Marine and kept his body in excellent condition. He was tall, kind of good-looking in a rugged way, had a few tattoos, a large nine inch cut cock and a fantastic set of low hanging balls. His son Kyle, was only two years older than me, and looked more like his mother than his dad. Kyle told me she left Uncle Bill for a trucker with a bigger dick. Kyle was build very solid and kept fit during his high school years as a football player and now as a construction worker.
Uncle Bob

I was hired by the manager the local Truck Stop after giving the manager a blow job. I would do odd jobs, run errands, and worked keeping the toilets and trucker’s bunkhouse clean. I’d suck the manager off or he’d fuck my ass several times a week. He was good to me and would give me extra bonuses, besides he had a great cock. I also made it with some of the truckers both for enjoyment and for extra tips. I became a ‘truck stop slut’ and loved it.

My home life had become very routine. When I’d come home from my job, I would prepare the dinner for Uncle Bill and Kyle. I’d put a sex movie in the VCR and have a cold beer ready for them. When they first arrived home, they’d strip off their work clothes and set around naked watching the movies and drinking beer. I would move between Bill’s legs, lick his balls then suck his cock until he wanted to cum, then do the same for Kyle, and repeat this until they’d had enough and was ready to eat dinner.

After dinner, the guys would go take their showers then go to bed. I had a cot in Kyle’s room but when Uncle Bill wanted to use me he’d call me to his room and either fuck me or have me suck him off again. When Kyle woke in the mornings, he usually had to piss and found it was more convenient to make me take his piss before I sucked his cock. It was hard for me to do this the first time, but I got use to it and added it to our morning ritual.

I like Kyle in spite of the way he treated me like 'Trailer Trash'. He still had a girl friend or two that he would go out with and quite often, he’d fuck them before coming home. He always wore a condom but would leave the full condom on until he arrived home. Then he’d call me into his room and make me remove it from his cock, lick, and clean his cock then drink the load from the used condom. He thought it was cool to watch me drink his cum from the condom. He’d get another hard on and shoot another load of fresh cum either on my face or down my throat. I was nothing to him except a cum dump.

One evening Kyle decided to share me with some of his buddies he worked with at the construction company. It started one day when Uncle Bill had gone to some bar to drink and would usually stay until the bars closed. Kyle had two of his friends over and was in his room. I was to serve them beer and some other food items while they looked at pornographic material and watched some fuck DVD s on his TV. I knew where this was leading, but I had a prior look at his two friends and they weren’t so bad looking, in fact, both were better looking that Kyle.

“Come in here bitch. I want you to show my buddies how you are queer for cock.”

I went in his room, to discover the three men had stripped off their clothes, and was setting on the bed or the sofa chairs jacking their cocks. I knew Kyle was trying to think of another way to humiliate me in front of his friends, but I played along and was looking forward to sucking the new men’s cocks.

The man that was on the bed with Kyle was about 25 years old, wearing a ball cap covering his hair, nice trim body, and what I could see, he had a rather large cock. The other man was setting on the sofa chair was about the same age, had a short military hair cut, excellent firm body, a few tattoos on his arms and a big semi-soft uncut cock resting on a big set of dangling balls. He was the hottest of the men, but looked like ‘rough trade’.

Kyle told me to take my clothes off then come over to him on the bed and suck his cock. I had never sucked him off in front of his friends before. I was timid at first. Kyle slapped his hard dick against my face and told me to open my cock sucking mouth and blow him. I gripped his cock and started sucking it as I usually did when we were alone. I caressed his balls with the other hand and kept sucking his cock.

“See? I told you this punk is a cock sucker.”

“Let him suck on me for awhile. You can get head from him any time. Come here ‘punk boy’. Swing on my cock for a while. I have a weeks load of man cum stored up in my aching nuts. I need to get off. Let me have him until I shoot my load.” The guy stretched out on the bed. 

“Yeah. You can have his mouth until you shoot your first load then Erik will get his turn to get off. This punk can suck cock all day if we want him to. He takes me and my dad off several times a day.”

I move to the long haired guy who was leaning against the bed headboard. He spread his long legs lifted his balls and guided his long cock against my lips. His cock was long, narrow, and nicely shaped. He already had pre-cum juices dripping from his cock from jacking on it. I ran my tongue around his sensitive cock head glands. He gasps at the pleasure. “Wow that is so fucking good punk, keep that up and I’ll shoot right away”

I gathered his balls in one hand, and guided his hard cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around. I went half way down on him and still had a long way to go before taking his whole cock. He laid his head against the headboard and gasps as I pleasured his cock.

I kept going down on him and soon found a rhythm that he seemed to enjoy. I held his tight balls in my hand and eased my finger towards his asshole. He started giving me more and more juices, then he grunted and grabbed the back of my head and held me down on his cock as he shot load after load of cum. It was so forceful that it felt like he was pissing instead of cumming.

“Fucken yeah. That’s what I call a blow job. I thought I would drown the cocksucker but he hung in there. Kyle you’re a lucky ‘son of a bitch’ to have your own live-in cocksucker. Dude, you’ve just become my best friend. I could use him to suck my cock all the time. Wow Dude! Your punk boy is a damn good cocksucker. Wow!”

“I told you he was a cock hound. You can use him again if you like, but let Erik use him for the next round. Get your ass over there between Erik’s legs, lick his balls, and give his some good head while I change the DVD movies.”

I did what Kyle told me to do, but I gave the cap man one more suck and cleaned off the remaining cum from his dick. I got off the bed and went to Erick who was setting in one of the sofa chairs. He spread his legs, put his hands behind his head and was preparing for me to suck his cock.

This guy looked like what we call ‘rough butch trade’. Straight guys who just kick back and let cocksuckers drain their baby makers. I would have been cautious of a masculine guy like this if I was alone with him, but since he was a friend of Kyle’s I knew I was safe.

I got between his legs, took his big hairy balls in one hand, and lifted his semi-hard cock to my lips. He was uncut and had a nice lacy covering over his cock head. I stuck my tongue into the opening and savored him. Large heavy veins run up and down his cock. He had a nice musky scent. I licked his balls and inhaled his body aromas. His cock remained semi-soft. I stuck my tongue into the opening of his soft lacy foreskin and began to run my tongue around the sweet tasting head to discover a tangy taste of dried cum. I licked him clean.

He started to get harder and harder. His foreskin started moving back over his cock head until I could suck it. He moved and gave me an utterance of encouragement. He was basking my cock sucking. That soon became evident when he became fully hard. His cock was huge and about eleven inches long and so thick I couldn’t put my hand completely around it. I was in love.

I started kissing and licking his cock up one side and down the other. I would occasionally nuzzle my nose against his big balls then lick and kiss them. Then I went back to his cock and began giving him one of my best blow jobs, but I still didn’t want him to cum too quickly.

I loved Erik big long and fat cock. I wanted him to fuck me but perhaps he wasn’t into boy-pussy. I could feel his cock getting harder and thicker. The veins on his cock began to expand. I moved faster and soon I was being filled with a gusher of warm stud cum.

I got so excited taking his cock juices I almost cum without touching myself. Once again, my mouth was full of manly sperm. I was in cocksucker heaven. I swallowed and licked him dry then went back to his balls and gave them one more kiss. I quietly whispered to him. “Thank you sir.”

He quickly opened his eyes and gazed down at me kneeling on the floor between his legs, but didn’t respond to my ‘thank you’.

Kyle let us finish then told me to suck him off now. He was now setting on the edge of the bed watching me suck off his friend Erick. I moved over to him, took his firm hard cock into my mouth, and started sucking. I knew the moves he liked and soon I had him grunting, groaning, and shooting his nice load into my mouth. He pulled it out before he was finished and shot a few streams onto my face. I think he was marking his territory so the other guys knew I was his punk to use whenever he wanted.

Now the ball-capped guy was ready for his second round of cock sucking. I heard them calling him by his last name, ‘Bird’. Kyle left the bedroom to get some more beer while I got back the bed and eased between Bird’s legs. He was semi-hard and when I went down on him he gasp and started talking to me.

“Fuck punk, you are a hungry cock hound, but I have no complaints. I just wish my little brother could suck cock like you. Um yes. You know how to make a man’s cock feel good. Suck it punk. Suck it dry. I’ve saved another sweet load for your sluttish mouth. Umm that’s good.

He did have a nice cock to suck on and was not thick like Erik’s fat uncut cock. It was long and probably an easy cock to be fucked with. I felt the bed move and thought it might be Kyle returning with the beers, but he would probably make a noticeable entrance. I soon discovered it was Erick who had slipped behind me and started rubbing my ass and parting my buttocks. He wet his finger and pushed it into the opening of my ass hole. It was sudden but I soon grown accustomed to it. Then he put in another finger in, then a third. He spit on his hand to lube his cock, parted my legs, pulled my ass up and started guiding his cock into my hole. I sensed this was not going to be an easy fuck, but I was excited thinking he wanted to use my ass to dump another load of his hot cum. I stopped sucking on Bird just long enough to relax my body so Erick could guide his monster dick into the opening of my anus. He spit on his cock as he tried to enter me, but couldn’t get it in.

“Hand me that beer you’re drinking, Bird. I need some more lubrication before I can get my cock in his pussy.” Bird handed Erick his beer, which he started to pour on his cock and my ass hole for lube. Thank goodness, the beer had gotten warm. I felt it trickle down my ass crack. He spread my butt hole, pushed in a couple fingers and let some of the beer enter my anus. Then he did a surprising thing. He pulled my ass up towards his face.

“Hell. I guess I’m gonna have to eat this pussy boy’s ass before I can get my cock in his tight hole. Damn if it doesn’t look like a sweet little virgin pussy, like my little sisters. Mumm huh. Looks good enough to eat.”

Then Erik pulled my ass to his face and buried it deep in my ass crack. He didn’t hesitate sticking his tongue directly into my anus and start tongue fucking me. He was good at what he was doing. I could hear him making muffled and grunting sounds as he slurped away at my hole. His tongue felt so fucking good, I just hoped his dick would go in easier after he got me wet.

I went back to sucking on Bird’s cock. I balanced myself on the bed because of the position I was in. Bird’s dick was hard as a rock and oozing lots of sweet pre-cum juices. The scene was turning him on, and if I kept on sucking him this way, he would cum soon. He reached between his legs caressed his balls and stuck his finger in his own ass hole.

Erik was jacking on his cock getting it ready to breed me. He reached his left arm under my waist and gripped tightly onto my hard cock. He pulled me to his face and continued jacking on his cock. He was still eating my ass like a wild man. I loved it. I could feel the stubble of his unshaven face rubbing against my buttocks, but it only added to the sensation of his tongue in my ass hole.

He came up for a breather then lowered me to the level of his hard cock and pushed into the opening of my ass. The head went in suddenly and then he moved forward, pulled me closer and buried his long thick cock deep into my body.

I stopped sucking Bird and started to yell out from either the pain or the pleasure, I wasn’t sure. Erik quickly put his hand over my mouth so I couldn't make a sound. Bird grabbed his cock and started jacking on it while I caught my breath. Erik stopped his inward movement and let me get use to his member buried deep in my hole. I could feel his warm balls against my balls. He slowly removed his hand from my mouth and told me not to yell. I nodded. Fuck. It hurt like hell but I knew if I relaxed, the pain would go away. I hope he didn’t tare my lining. I started to feel the pain going away. His cock was really big. Now it was feeling better. I relaxed and took a deep breath.

As this was in the making, Kyle entered the bedroom to join the fun, but he was shocked that his straight buddy Erik was using me as his pussy-boy. I don’t know if he was just surprised or jealous that Erick was fucking his pussy-boy.

“What the hell? Damn Erik you’re gonna tare him apart sticking that monster prick up his tiny ass hole. What the fuck? Gawd. Leave you two sex maniacs alone for ten minutes and…and… Have you got it all in? Let me feel. I’ll be damned. Never thought that punk could do it. Damn.” Then he laughed and slapped Erick on his butt.

“Go ahead Erik; fuck the hell out of that punk. You deserve some good pussy. None of your girlfriends ever let you pound their pussy because you’re too big, and now you got that cock up my pussy-boy. Have at it. I want to see this.” Kyle seemed amazed at what was happening. He finally sat at the end of the bed to watch Erick fuck my ass.

Erick rubbed my back, grabbed a nearby pillow, and placed it under me so my ass would be serviceable to his fucking. I laid down flat and waited for the fuck of my life.

I had only been raped one time when my dad left me off with a couple of his sailor buddies while he went out of town on some business. I was only 15 at the time and was not cherry because dad fucked me a couple times when he got drunk.

These two sailor guys were always kind to me and I trusted them completely. I woke up one night after they came back to the barracks where I was staying. They tied me down to the bedpost spread eagle and was licking my ass and putting some kind of lube in my asshole. They had gagged me with one of their jockstraps so I couldn’t yell.

One of the guys crawled on top of me and shoved his big cock up my ass. It hurt like hell and I started to cry. This only excited them and soon they were taking turns fucking my ass. Later on that night, they invited in a couple more of their sailor mates and they fucked me too.

I lost count of how many dicks I took that night or how many loads of cum they deposited up my ass. I finally passed out from exhaustion. The next day they had untied me and cleaned the bed and me as if nothing had happened. I was helped to the toilet were released a huge amount of sailor and marine cum from my ass hole.

From that time on, they were exceptionally kind to me. I never told my Dad what happened that week when I was with them. I think I would have given them my ass if they asked, but they raped me instead. We never spoke of it again and I never was fucked by them again.

This rape by Erik was quite a bit different. I like Erik and was hoping that sometime we could get together and fuck, but never expected it so soon, or in this way. My body finally adjusted to his monster fat cock and I was beginning to enjoy it. Now and then, I could feel Kyle touching my hole where Erik’s cock was entering me. Erik began to move faster and faster, In and out without stopping.

It felt great and I knew I was going to cum any time now. My muscles tightened. This excited Erik and he pounded me harder. His breathing become deeper and then he pulled my ass down on his cock, groaned, and started filling my love canal with his love juices. I was cumming at the same moment and shot a big load on the pillow. Bird had been jacking on his cock and was ready to shoot his load. He grabbed my head and yelled out.

“I’m cumming. Catch my load. I’m cumming oh gawd, I’m cumming. Oh fucken yeah. I’m cumming.”

Erik was still enjoying his orgasm deep in my ass. He leaned over my back and kissed it. He slowly let his cock soften and let it slip from my cum filled hole.

Meanwhile Kyle was still horny and the minute Erik pulled out of me, Kyle rammed his cock all the way in me.

“Damn his hole is so nice and juicy. You really had a load, Erik. It so hot fucking a slut’s pussy when it’s been filled with cum. Fuck. I’m not going to last very long. I think I’m gonna cum all ready. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. His boy-pussy feels so warm and juicy. I’m cumming. Ohhhhh ffffuuuuccccckkkk. Ughhhh.”

Kyle shot quicker than I’d ever seen him cum before. He was really turned on fucking my cum filled hole with his buddies cum. I liked it too and almost came again while Kyle fucked me. After he came, he gave me a quick slap on the ass and pulled his dick out of my hole.

“Get around here and clean off my cock, and while you’re at it clean Erik’s cock off too. Man that was hot watching you fuck him Erik. How in the world he took that cock is beyond me, but you know, he has good muscle control. He still felt tight even after you stretched his pussy and left all that cum in him. That was a good fuck. We’ll have to do this again next week when Uncle Bill is out for the evening.”

Bird was still leaning against the bed headboard and listening to the conversation. Then he spoke.

“I get to fuck him first next time. You fuckers never let me have a chance at his pussy.”

“Quit complaining. You came off three-time tonight and you enjoyed it every time. Hey, if you guys want to stay the night? It will be okay. We’ll let our punk boy sleep in here too and take turns getting off in his pussy. What do ya say?’

Sure, that sounds okay with me too. I’m exhausted right now but with a bit of sleep my dick will be hard and ready for another.

They left the TV on and found me a place to sleep in the room. I went to the toilet to clean up and would come back later for a few more loads of cum from three hot and horny guys.

It was a great night.  I looked forward to meeting more of Kyle's horny straight friends. 

Word Count, 4091,,Revised 06/13/13

End of this part of the story. Watch for more Trailer Trash by Dick Clinton

Friday, March 8, 2019

Tail Gate Party

Story by Dick Clinton
There was a dance tonight at the local Farmer’s Grange Hall. When Dad dropped me off that evening I told him I'd made arrangements to stay with some of the guys and would be home tomorrow. I wasn’t much for dancing but I knew John and the guys would be here with their dates. There was no drinking allowed, but some of the men, and boys would slip outside and sip a few beers.

John and his buddies had too much to drink that night, and were already bored with their dates. They coaxed me outside to the dark parking lot, threw me over the tailgate of John’s old truck bed, ripped open the ass end of my jeans, and started fucking the hell out of me. It frightened me at first, but John always protected me from any real harm. He knew how much I liked getting rough fucked, so I was just there for everyone’s pleasure as well as my own.

John and his two close buddies used me several times before they started inviting some of their other buddies over for a beer. When the guys saw some action going on, John invited them to throw a fuck to me. My t-shirt had been thrown over my head so no one could see who I was. All they could see was my bare ass bending over the tailgate of the truck to be used. I was a quick and easy piece of ass, and they never hesitated. They would whip out their cocks, rub my ass to find my wet hole, and shove their cock in me. Some guys shot after a few quick jabs, but some took their time before cumming. A few of the boys would sip on their beer, smoke and talk to the other guys while they fucked me.

I thought I recognized a few voices and heard a few names called, but I was never sure who was using me, and I really didn’t care. I loved being their ‘boy whore’ for the evening. I lost count of how many times I'd gotten fucked already tonight, and I think a couple guys came back for seconds. There was so much sperm shot up my ass that it was oozing out of my asshole, running down my legs and into my boots. John told me it was a ‘farewell fuck party’ and I was their treat for the guys before the school semester began next week.

When I thought everyone was tired of fucking me I heard a man's voice talking to John. It wasn't one of the boys but an adult, probably one of the boys father. He asked 'what the hell was going on' but when he saw my body bent over the the truck bed, and my bare ass exposed, he knew right away I was getting gang banged.

He yelled and told John to tell the guys to get the hell out of there and leave me alone. Then he came over to me and asked me if I was okay. I muttered an “ugh huh” but kept my head covered with my t-shirt, thinking he would leave before he discovered who I was. But to my surprise and pleasure, he gently rubbed my ass and ran his hand down my ass crack and touched my wet hole dripping with loads of boy cum.

“Boy, you must have taken quite a few loads there son. You've got cum dripping out of your hole and down your legs like a well used whore. You sure your okay?” Then he took his neck scarf and started drying my ass crack and legs. I didn't know if I should stand up and revel myself to him or not. As I slowly started to stand he gently pushed me back down on the truck bed.

“Well, son, as long as you're not harmed, and you seem to like cock up your ass, I might as well give you another load of sperm. I'm not one of those young punks with a small cock though. I've got a man size dick, and since you're already lubed with young spunk you probably won't have any trouble taking a man size cock.”
“John. Come over here. How long you punks been fucking this young heifer?”

“Dad, we didn't mean any harm, besides he loves to get fucked. We do this when ever he's available. Tonight he just happened to be willing and we were horny, so we came out here to give him what he wants.”

“I can see why you like to use his sweet looking ass. I guess since he willing, I might as well get me a piece of that too. Don't go telling your ma about this or I'll be fucking your ass next. Understand?”

I was shocked but pleased to know it was John's dad. I've always had the 'hots' for him but never had the chance to let him know. Gawd. This was great. John's dad was gonna fuck me right in front of his son. How hot is that?

“Stand over here and watch out for my brothers. I don't want them to see me fucking his young calf or they'll be 'gang banging' him as well. Let's just keep this as our family secret.”
“Sure dad, and by the way, he likes it rough and hard so fuck the hell out of him. He loves it. Dad. Are you okay? You seem to be a little tipsy.”

John's dad, Mr Jackson, was fumbling with his pants and pulled out his prick. He warned me he had a big one, and I guess I was about to find out. He began running his hard prick up and down my wet ass crack until he found my wet hole.

“John come closer. Hold my beer son, as I guide my dick in his 'boy pussy'. Don't just stand there gawking at your ole mans monster cock, spread his ass cheeks so I can get it in.”

“ Yeah, I'm a little drunk, so ya gotta help me here son. Yeah, that's it. Spread em. I'm hard and horny as hell. Hope this boy can take my man meat. Aw yeah! There's that sweet wet pussy. Slowly and easy.”

“Aw Fuck. It slid right in up to my balls. Wow! That's a sweet pussy hole. Oh yeah!.”

“Come closer boy and watch you're ole man fuck some hot boy pussy. My Gawd. How many times have you boys fucked him tonight? He is so wet and warm. Is your cum still in his hole?”

“Yeah dad. I think I came two time in him tonight. That's good stuff, huh dad? I'd never seen your dick hard before. Dad you're hung like a horse... and so thick. Plow that ass. I want to see your reaction when you cum. That's good pussy isn't it dad?”

John was standing behind me and next to his dad as he pumped my ass with his big prick. I could see John standing next to my rear side as he watched his dad fuck my welcome ass. He had his dick out again and was jacking off. I saw his dad's hand reach out and caress John's balls.

John's dad was really starting to get 'into it', and began plowing my ass hard and rough. My dick was about to explode as he was constantly massaging my prostate. Then I felt his prick expand and I knew he was going to come.

“John, son, put you hand around my prick as I fill your 'pussy boy' full of cum. Gawd this is hot! How ya like watching your ole man fuck? We should do this more often. This is really hot.....Oh gawd. I'm gonna cum. Gonna cum and fill his fuck hole with some hot daddy juice: the same sperm that created you, son. Oh fuck, Oh fuck. What a feeling. Awe shit. Aw fuck. I love cumming.”

Mr Jackson pumped my ass hard and rough. I could feel the whole truck moving as he dumped his manly cock deep in my ass hole. I got so hot and turned on that I started to cum too. My ass muscles tightened around his gushing cock. I could feel John's cum shooting on my ass mixing his boy cum with his dad's cum. His dad was giving me a good fuck. They moved so close together I knew they were touching each other, and perhaps kissing as they released their cum on me, and in me. It was awesome. There there was a silence except for heavy breathing.

“Damn! That was one of the best organisms I've had in ages. I want you to get him out to our place Sunday after your ma and little brother have gone to church. We'll take him to the barn and fuck the hell out of him together.”

“Wow dad. That would be great. Can I invite Mike along too? He and I have been fuck partners for some time now.”

“You mean Mike Miller, Jerry Miller's son.”

“Yeah. That's the one.”

Well I’ll be damned. Jerry and I went to the same school together. We use to have jack-off and fuck parties together all the time. In fact his wife and your mom and I use to share bed partners with each other before we got married. After we got married both women got pregnant at the same time. We were never sure if Mike was my son and you weren't Jerry's son. That would make you brothers in a sense. Don't you go spreading that around now son.”

“I'll be. I wondered why we always got along so well.”

“Sure, Get Mike and his dad Jerry to come along and we'll share this pussy boy with them as well. It's been awhile since I've seen good ole Jerry. This is gonna be some hot fucking Sunday. Got to go back inside the hall before I'm missed.”

I took all the conversation in and was looking forward to getting fucked by all 4 men this week end.

“Young man, you rest that sweet pussy hole up for this Sunday, because you are in for another treat. You think my dick is big, wait until you feel Jerry's big 10 inch cock buried up your boy pussy. Uh Huh. Nice stuff there son. Rest up now.”

He slapped me on the butt, ran his rough callused hand down my ass crack and stuck his finger deep in my cum filled hole. He pull it out and stuck it in his mouth and licked off the juices, then he headed back to the building.

When everyone finished using me, the guys threw me into the back of the truck, like a piece of used trash, and drove me to the old barn. They carried my limp and used body into the barn, where we all slept until early morning. John seemed apologetic to me the next morning, and while the other two guys slept, John made sweet tender love to me, and fucked me one more time. I was somewhat tender and sore from all the fucking I'd received the night before, but when John made love to me, I soon forgot how tender by ass was from the gang-bang fucking.

His thick cock was deep in my body once again, and I loved it. This guy knew how to make a guy appreciate a good fuck, twisting and pounding on my body. He would always rub against my prostate with his big cock, causing me to cum several times during our fuck sessions. I bet he could make the girls cum several time too, but I think John enjoyed fucking me better than any female he'd ever fucked.

He and a couple of his close friends would often go on dates, drop them off and then come by my place to pick me up for sex. We would find some dark road, park the car and have sex, either in the back of a pickup truck or the back of a van. When a guy had the need for sex, they could usually find a way to satisfy it, and I was always a willing partner.
Fuck! I sure miss those tailgate parties.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018



Story by Richard Barber
I had an appointment down town Kansas City for a job interview. I parked my car next to an alley where men were unloading a small delivery truck at the warehouse docks. As I walked by the loading dock, I observed a hot looking man. in a ball cap, checking in the materials presently being unloaded. We made a quick eye contact and I continued on to my appointment near by.
An hour or so later when I was returning to my car, the dock manager was standing in the doorway as if he had been waiting for my return. He nodded, rubbed his crotch, then motioned for me to follow him. I brazenly walked up the dock stairs and followed him into the warehouse. He headed into a small semi-dark room storage room and motioned for me again and I followed. He stood inside, rubbing his crotch area, and motioned for me to shut the door.
He looked directly into my eyes and slowly unbuckled his belt and stated to opened his jeans. I stepped closer to him and continued to open his jeans and pull out his semi-hard cock.
He wore no underclothes and his semi-hard cock flopped out ready for me to service. He had a well-developed uncut cock with low hanging balls. His abs and pubic area were covered with thick dark hair. The musky manly odor of sweat and the scent of his pre-cum oozing from his long cock was sensuous and pleasing. I obediently keeled and positioned myself in front of him to worship and make love to his cock and balls. He was so hot and masculine I wanted to suck on him all day. I savored the musky taste and scent of his balls as I licked underneath his scrotum. He gasped as I continued to suck his cock, and after a few minutes he moaned, grabbed the back of my head and shot a big load of his cum into my welcome mouth. I proceeded to lick and clean his cock and balls. He patted me on the head and took a deep breath. 

After we finished having sex, I got up from the floor, opened the door and left the warehouse without either of us saying one word to each other.
I returned the next week, and we repeated the same routine. We never spoke, but when he saw me he would nod and I would follow him into the same room where he would be waiting for me to open and pull down his work jeans, lick under his uncut cock, clean his warm musky balls and give him another blow job.
When I was in the process of cleaning the foreman’s cock after a blow job, a younger dock man came into the room wanting a blow job too.
This became a weekly procedure and soon I had several other dock men and a few truckers I was serving on a regular basis. Most of the time, no one spoke to me, except for a moan or grunt during my cock sucking or their orgasm. They'd just came into the room one at a time to use my expert cock sucking mouth to get off and use me as their cum dump. I loved being submissive to all these hunky straight men. 

Now and then, a new man one would appear. I assumed they were new employees or perhaps a trucker that was making a weekly delivery. There was such a demand for my services that I was often in the room for an hour or even two before everyone had been served. On occasion, a guy would return for a second round. I had some hot looking men over a period of several months.
One day when I went into the room to service my studs and drain their hot cocks of their cum, I noticed someone had thrown a thick packing blanket over some boxes. I was still young and naive about man sex, but soon discovered one of the men had planned to fuck my young tender ass. I was not a virgin at this time, because I was force fucked by two of my fellow high school buddies. I did not enjoy it the first time, but after they fucked me a few more times, I started to enjoy it. This all happened a year before.
Like I said before, I did learn to enjoy it, but was not sure if these big hunks would be gentle fucking me. I was excited yet nervous about this new adventure, but being the whore, cock sucking slut I was, I was willing to try. After all I had already developed a need to be used by straight hunks. Now this was my chance to show them appreciation for using me as their cum dump. Mouth or ass, I was theirs now. 
 One of the local dock men..

After I was sucking on one of my favorite studs, he told me to stand and drop my jeans. I sensed what was coming. I obediently stood and took off my jeans. He instructed me me to turn around and lean over the blanket. He spit on his hand and rubbed my ass crack. He slowly pushed one finger inside me. My hole tightened. He proceeded to put more spit on my hole then guided his 7 inch cock to my moist hole.
I reached back and guided his cock to my tight anus. He grabbed my hips and slowly moved into my ass hole. I held onto the blanket and buried my face to cover my soft moans of pain and pleasure. He paused for a minute then continued to fuck me in and out. Slowly it started to feel good. I relaxed and was ready to let him use me for his pleasure. Once again I was submissive to these hot straight men. I was there to serve their sexual release.
He fucked me for about 10 minutes while another 2 men came in to watch us fuck. I knew right then more men were going to use me for their pleasure before I left today, but I was ready.

As soon as my fucker emptied his cum in my fuck shoot he slowly pulled out. He motioned for a near by trucker to take his turn at my ass. His cock was bigger than the first cock, but by then I was lubricated with my first load of cum.
It was easier to take his big cock. I was glad I had lubed with cum, because the trucker didn't hesitate. He shoved his cock in me fast and hard. I groaned but realized I loved being rough fucked.
The trucker fucked me hard and soon pumped his load deep in my body. His buddy was ready to take his turn with my ass. As soon as the first trucker pulled out, his buddy shoved his cock in my hole.
By this time 3 other dock workers and a young Pizza Delivery boy, and a telephone repairman came in to join the gang bang. I only had a brief moment to check out the men as they entered the room.
The young Pizza guy was handsome and not shy. He unzipped his pants, pulled out a big cock, and put it to my mouth for sucking. I was astonished at the size of his teenage cock. I was hoping he might want to fuck me as well, but I was happy to suck his cock and lick his balls while I got fucked by another dock man.
I lay across the blanket with my feet on the floor taking on first one cock, then another. These men got hot watching me get used, and I was enjoying being watch. Cum was already running down my legs and into my tennis shoes. 

Pizza Guy was hot and fucked me long and hard.

The telephone man just dropped his work pants, slapped my ass and fucked me. 

I was still sucking the Pizza guy when the next man to fuck me was a telephone repairman that just happened to stop in to fix one of the phones lines. He heard what was happening and decided to join us. He pulled off my t-shirt and wiped my ass crack and the juices dripping down my legs.
After he cleaned my overflow of cum, he tossed the shirt back to me then continued to guide his cock to my juicy hole. He didn't bother to take off his tool belt but just undid his work pants, pulled out his big cock and guided his cock to my hole. I could hear his tools clinking back and forth as I got fucked. 

He must have fucked ass before because he seemed to move in and out and around and around to explore every milligram of my used hole. He was rubbing against a sensitive spot that caused me to cum like I'd never came before.
As soon as I tightened my internal ass muscles, he started to cum and filled my hole with his juices. He took my t-shirt and wiped his cock, then tossed it back to me.
Here punk, Enjoy the smell of man cum.” then he slapped me on my bare butt, put his cock back in his pants, and left the room.
Another worker moved up to my fuck hole and shoved it. He fucked me good and would whisper sexual things to me. He called me whore, slut, pussy boy and other crude names. I found it excited me. 

The pizza guy didn't seem to want to cum in my mouth and as soon as the next man left my hole, he moved behind me and shoved his big cock all the was in. I gasped at his entry. He didn't pause but started fucking me hard and rough. He would slap my ass and called me a punk and pussy boy, then fucked and fucked until he came. He put on such a wild show that I heard a couple men in the room laugh and clap their hands.
I decided it was time I took a rest, so when the pizza guy pulled out, I turned to set on the floor. He pushed his wet cock back into my mouth so I could clean him off. His cock was almost too large for me to suck but I managed to clean his cock and lick his balls.
Enough, cocksucker. You better be here again next week when I deliver their weekly Pizza. I'm gonna fuck you longer next time, punk.” then he rubbed his cock on my face again and left.
As I set there another guy came up to me and put his cock in my mouth to suck. I sucked him off and 2 other guys before the Dock foreman came in and gave me one more of his loads. 
Pizza Delivery man.  

Dock Foreman let me suck him off every time I dropped by.
Next time I gonna fuck you first. Now clean up and get out of here. I am about to close the dock. See you next Thursday about 6 am so we can get a good start using your hot mouth and sweet ass. Thursdays I have several young truckers I'm gonna let use your body.“
I left that day to return the next Thursday am for more use. I continued to go to the Dock for almost 6 months more.
Later on that year I moved to another city, but every time I pass a loading dock I remember the great experience I had with the Dock Foreman and all the other men that used me there.
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 TRUCKER Waiting his turn to use me. His driving partner was inside the warehouse fucking me. 

He fucked me 3 days in a row.
  Said I was the first fagot he'd every fucked.
He got married this week but fucked me anyway. He said he still had some pussy juice on his dick from fucking his wife and wanted to share it with me.  So he fucked me 2 times that day .