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Lumbering Jacks, Chapter 10

Lumbering Jacks”

Satisfying Sam

Chapter 10

   I volunteered to help after the morning breakfast while the other men attended to the horses and started packing up their gear. They left it up to Ray, the cook, to pack their gear for the next leg of the journey into the city, where the rodeo was to be held this coming week.
   Ray was the youngest of the ranch hands but a good supply manager as well as a cook. He told me the story about his life as a teenager. His father threw him out of his house so he had to make a living on his own. He discovered since he was a good-looking young man as well as having a big dick, he could hustle his body, not only to women but to men as well. His life was hard trying to live on the streets. He would usually find someone he could stay a night or two with but he was hoping for something more permanent. Sometimes he made fairly good money being a male whore but it was very insecure. One time he made the mistake of fucking another man’s wife and got caught. Her husband beat him up real bad and threw him into the street leaving him for dead.
   Fortunately for Ray, Big Sam came by and found him and took him to a doctor friend where they nursed him back to health. He went to work at the rodeo where Sam found him a job but within a week he broke his leg. Once again, Sam cared for him and took him back to his ranch until he was able to work for Sam as a cook. He owed his life to Sam. When they go on these rodeo trips he goes along as cook. Sometimes while at the rodeo he works as a clown in the ring, keeping the bull and horses from harming the riders.
   I listened very intently to his life story, as we were cleaning up and packing the wagon. The other men carefully cleaned up their campground and made sure all campfires were out before leaving. I helped Ray harness up two horses to the supply wagon, then we headed out to the field to meet the ranch hands now rounding up the herd. I rode along with Ray for sometime down through the valley towards town. The supply wagon always rode to the side or in front of the herd so as not to spook the horses and to stay away from the dust.
   Duke rode up beside us as we slowly moved along the valley. He had another horse with him already saddled for me to ride. He gave out a yell to me as he approached. “Hey, buckaroo! You want to ride along with us men or you want to sit your sweet little ass on that wagon? Or better still, you can ride in front of me with my dick up your ass,” he said with a very serious look on his face.
   I had to laugh at his suggestions, but to tell the truth that did sound pretty good, riding along with him with his dick up my ass. I reached for the reins and threw my body over the horse. He looked shocked as I took the reins and blew a kiss to him. He laughed and smacked my horse on the rump causing it to run at a gallop. I rode along with him as we left Ray on the wagon.
   We rode most of the morning along the valley and by a small stream of water. They kept the herd moving right along for several hours until they came to a wide-open grazing field. Ray had arrived before us and had already prepared coffee and food for the crew and me.
   The stream was wide enough for swimming and bathing our dusty hot bodies. The men headed for the water and stripped down completely nude and jumped in the cool stream of water. I gladly joined in their private swimming hole as they laughed and splashed around. The water was deep enough for diving so several of us jumped from the small ledge near a fresh waterfall. It was really a great place to refresh yourself after the long and dusty trail.

   I decided to lie on the grass nearby and get in some much-needed sunbathing. Cliff and Clint gradually joined me along with Duke and Jake. Cookie and Sam had just arrived at the hole and stripped down and jumped into the water. I took a quick look at both men, checking out their bodies. Sam was hung exactly like they said and Ray had a nice, long, uncut dick. Sam swam and dove into the pool but Ray was water shy and only splashed in the shallows of the creek. Finally Ray came over to us and squatted down next to me. One of the men had started passing around some weed to smoke and a small jug of whiskey. I took a few tokes on the joint but never cared for any kind of liquor.
   Sam finally got out of the water and joined the rest of us. I watched him very closely as he stepped out of the water. He had a great body for a man in his fifties. His dick didn’t shrink up from the cold water and even if it did, it still looked big. He too was uncut and his foreskin hung down over the head of his dick. He walked over to the edge of the trees and took a nice long piss, pulling the foreskin back over the head of his dick, and shook it. I felt he was doing it for my benefit and I liked it.
   I enjoyed looking at his big dick. I assumed the others had seen it before, perhaps in action. They still took a look at their boss’ huge cock. It was something to be proud of. It was a sign of pride, distinction, and manhood. In some societies, the penis was respected and even worshiped. I guess I fell in the category of ‘worship’ and respect.
   Duke and Jake headed for their clothes and motioned for the other men to go back to work before darkness fell. Sam, Ray, and I sat talking about the trip up the valley and some of the sights we had seen today. I saw a herd of six or more deer grazing along side the creek and a coyote mother with several pups. It was great seeing nature at its best.
   It was also nice to see Ray and Sam looking their best too. Both men looked very natural sitting there nude in the sun with their beautiful uncut dicks. Ray got up from the grass and walked over to me very slowly and as natural as could be, with his long dick flopping in the breeze. He looked down and me and said, “I’m still waiting for that blow job you promised me,” then he started pulling on his dick to get it ready for me.
   He did not have to say any more. I got to my knees and took hold of his dick and started to kiss his long shaft of meat. I stuck my tongue under his sweet-tasting foreskin before he got hard. The loose skin was still cool from his dip in the stream. I was starting to get his dick hard as he reached for the back of my head. I went down on as much of his long dick as I could, and licked the base of his big balls with my tongue. He leaned into me and started pumping slowly into my willing mouth. I held on to his balls, balancing myself while he stood before me. I pulled my mouth from his dick and tongued under his balls, touching the sensitive section just before his ass. He spread his legs for me as I licked his balls. He placed one leg over my shoulder giving me access to his hairy asshole. I placed my tongue into his ass as he started to jack on his dick. Then the other leg went over me as he bent over so I could rim him and tongue-fuck his ass. I went back to his dick to suck the sweet pre-cum juices from his foreskin. Then I went down on him again as he pleasantly moaned while I continued to suck his dick. He started to pump my mouth faster. I could feel his dick throbbing as he started to shoot his sweet cum into my mouth. I eagerly drank down his sperm as he shot squirt after squirt into me. He gasped and almost fell forward as I drained his dick. Then he stopped cumming and let me taste his cum and lick his foreskin until it could not cum anymore.

   I looked out of the corner of my eye as I saw Sam standing by me with this huge hard dick near my shoulder. Ray was holding on to Sam’s dick as he came but Sam did not make an effort to shoot his load. I turned to Sam’s dick and licked on the head of his uncut dick head protruding from his foreskin. I tasted his pre-cum juices and tried to place my mouth around it but could not open my mouth far enough to even take the full head in my mouth. I placed my hand around his hard dick but my fingers did not even touch. His dick must have been eight or nine inches around and 13 or 14 inches long. It was big, real big, but beautiful. I respectfully kissed and worshiped his cock. Sam let me taste his love juices from the slit of his dick then softly pulled my eager lips away from his dick.
   “I promised the men we would give them a good showing tonight so we will go back to the camp where they are waiting for us. I will let you make love to my dick. I want to give you the best fucking of your life, but not now. Later.”
   Then Ray smiled down and me and motioned for me to follow him back to the camp. Sam patted my head and went over to pick up his boots and clothes. Sam walked naked over to the edge of the stream and back to the camp nearby. I eagerly picked up my clothes and followed him back to camp.
   When we arrived at the camp the men had prepared one of the tables in the center of the camp. They had placed blankets on it making it a softer place to perform. It was prepared like an altar ready for worship. I felt like I was the offering to the phallic god. A sudden pride filled me as I was about to be the center of attraction with five hunky, butch, hung, stud cowboys watching me take Big Sam’s dick up my willing asshole. Clint offered me a puff on a joint of grass and Duke patted my butt with respect as I walked by him and the other men. They had already taken their places around the table so they could get a good look as the action.
   I hesitated at that point but then Sam smiled at me and was standing there looking so hot and so handsome I could not resist. I was willing to try it. I had taken Tony’s big dick at the prison camp the other night so I was already prepared. I knew it could be done even though Sam’s dick looked bigger.
   Ray took some lubrication out of the wagon and was lubing Sam’s dick as he stood like a fighter being prepared for his first exhibition bout. Duke and Jake held me as Duke placed his finger in my ass with some sort of gel. I felt a numbing sensation in my ass. Sam got upon the altar and laid flat on his back as someone place a rolled up blanket under his head. Duke and Jake lifted me by each leg as Clint and Cliff pulled my ass cheeks apart. With my arms around Duke and Jake’s shoulders, and their arms under my legs, I was slowly positioned over Sam’s body, with my asshole directly over Sam’s dick.
   Ray respectfully handled Sam’s lubed dick and guided it to my asshole while Clint parted my ass cheeks once again. With all this teamwork I knew this was not the first time this ass-fucking maneuver had been done. They were very persistent and very professional; like well-trained priests at a religious ceremony. Sam lay back and let his crew do the positioning.
   I was preparing myself for the entrance as I slowly sat down on this magnificent phallic penis of worship. I slowly lowered my anxious anus over the head of his cock without much trouble but was aware of a stretching sensation. I lifted up then tried again. This time more of the dick went into me, and then I paused. I tried again and this time I managed to take even more of it without much trouble. I held my position then went for the gold. I took his huge dick all the way in my ass as the other men let out a low mumble of awe and respect. I held on to the altar as I prepared myself and slowly moved up and down on this phallic instrument of love. I was starting to feel good and full of dick. The men were still in wonderment as I moved my body in constant rhythm. They eyed every movement and seemed pleased with my performance. I looked at Duke and he smiled, gave me the thumbs up sign and nodded in approval as he stood among the other men masturbating.

   Sam still had his arms behind his head looking very pleased that his dick was being serviced so well. He had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes as he looked up at me then around at his crew. They liked Sam and would do anything for him but unfortunately none could take his big dick as well as I was now doing. They seemed to respect me and probably envied me for that. I felt loving and caressing hands on my body as I moved up and down on Sam. Some one was kissing my backside close to my asshole as they lubricated Sam’s penetrating cock.
   We fucked comfortably in this position for a time then Sam sat up on his elbows and I stopped. He then pulled his legs under him and leaned me backwards and gently laid me on my back, moving my legs around, up, and over his shoulders. I wrapped my legs around his neck. All this was done without Sam ever taking his dick out of my ass. I felt his huge cock hit my prostate and I came with a sudden and exciting orgasm. My cum shot between our bodies, landing on my stomach, chest and face.
   He paused as I came, and then he scooped some of my cum in his hand and licked it up. He took another scoop of my cum from me and offered it to one of the nearby men. They eagerly licked it from his hand and fingers. He was giving part of me like a communion offering.
   He had me in a position of complete control. He was now getting ready to fuck me for his pleasure. He started to move his dick in and out of my ass as he pleased. The men positioned themselves so they could watch my ass take Sam’s big dick all the way in, then all the way out. He once took it all the way out, and placed it all the way back in. He was performing his love ritual on his subject for his ranch hands. I was about to cum once again as I held on to my love god. Sam leaned forward several times and kissed me on the neck and on the lips. He had a nice thick mustache that rubbed against my face. He was breathing very naturally but was in ecstasy as he fucked me with professional precision. I assumed Sam did not get to fuck much because he could not find a willing partner to make him happy.
I was now pleasing this hunk and I was being pleased as well. I knew I could not control myself and was about to cum again. My ass muscles tightened around Sam’s dick giving him even more pleasure. I could not hold it and shot my cum once again all over our stomachs between our bodies. He paused for a second then continued to fuck me. I was still enjoying his penetration. He fucked and fucked me until most of the men were about to cum a second or even third time. Then he decided he would pump his hot load into my well-used ass. He cut loose with a deep long moan then paused as his body released his godly hot sperm from his balls. His nuts emptied into me. I felt like he was pissing in me instead of cumming there was so much. He stopped as I started to cum again for the third time as several of the men were shooting their cum all over us. Sam was still cumming in me as I received their warm stream of manly cowboy cum. I was so weak and exhausted I blacked out from the pleasure.
   I woke a few minutes later as Sam was pulling his love dick out of me. Several of the men were licking the cum and sweat from my body. Someone was licking my asshole trying to get the warm sperm still remaining in me, like searching for the nectar of their god. I did not move but lay there enjoying the licking of warm tongues on my body, balls, and dick. I once again started to cum as someone sucked the juices from my dick then I blacked out again.

   When I came to, Clint and Cliff were washing my body with warm sweet-smelling towels and covering me with a soft blanket. I fell a sleep under the beautiful evening sky, feeling the warm fire near by. I woke once again as someone was rubbing my body and asshole with the light scent of body oil and gently fingering my asshole with a soothing ointment.
I woke the next morning to find I was in the back of the wagon in Cookie’s bed. I guess I slept through the morning breakfast but now I was awake, rested and hungry. I was still naked so I slipped on my clothes and crawled up beside Cookie as he was slowly driving the wagon to the next stop. Our next stop would be the one where I would get off. It was under the bridge where the rode above led either to town, or back home to the Lumber Camp. My jeep was to be parked there at the side of the road, by one of the rangers for me to pick up.
Cookie looked over to me and asks how I was feeling? He seemed concerned but, now realized I was a real fuck slut and could just about handle anything that was given to me. He said he had tried to take Sam’s big cock, but after several attempts and a bleeding ass, he gave up. It took someone really special to take on Sam. I could sense a bit of jealousy because he loved Sam very much, but he was happy that I please Sam last night. I found some biscuits to nibble on as we drove down the valley. I rested my ass on a soft cushion and reminisce about the great time we all had last evening. We pulled into a shady spot near the bridge to set up camp for lunch. I helped Cookie with a few minor chores and waited for the other men to catch up with us.
Soon the men had herded the horses to a grazing area and arrive for lunch. It was nice to see the men again but I was sad that I had to leave them now. Sam and the men came over where I was eating and said they had something for me. Each of the men gave me something as a going away gift. Clint and Cliff gave me several neck handkerchiefs in different colors, Cookie, gave me a large coffee cup with the Sam’s Ranch Logo on the side. Jake gave me a wide belt to wear with the Large Silver buckle Sam gave me that he had won in a contest. It said. ‘Best Buckaroo’, and Duke gave me a Stetson Cowboy hat and his brown leather vest he wore on the drive. I was so flattered and surprised at their gesture; I didn’t know what to say except, thank you. I was cloaked up and could hardly speak.
I knew now,I had made some good friends. Sam also told me I had a standing invitation to visit the ranch here in Colorado. He was in the process of buying a ranch just outside Phoenix and wanted be to visit them next year when I went to college at Arizona State University. We finished our lunch and I helped Cookie pack up his lunch gear. Each of the men gave me one last hug and a firm pat on the ass and headed out to take the horses on down the valley to the next town where. I found a steep narrow path leading up the side of the hill to the road where my Jeep was to be parked. I took one last glance at the men as they waved one more time. It was a time I will never forget and was now looking forward to visiting the ranch in Arizona next year. 
Story by Dick Clinton at eyeMrich1@msn.com
Word Count ,3702, 02/10/2005

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