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Lumbering Jacks, Chapter 07

Lumbering Jacks”

Roy’s Fantasy Night

Chapter 07

   I could hear Roy’s slow breathing as he fell into a deep sleep. I was still wide-awake and thinking about Roy’s fearful fantasy. I had an idea but needed the help of some of my new prisoner friends in the dorm. I quietly slipped out of my cot, opened the door to the hallway, and went into the dorm where the prisoners were sleeping. At one end of the dorm was a small room where the guards sat in a semi-dark room watching over things. The men in the dorm were trustees so needed very little watching. I saw Andy sitting in the room watching a small color TV. He saw me and motioned for me to come over. I quietly headed his way as he stood to greet me.
   “What the hell you doing walking around in your shorts? Hoping to get raped? If so, I’m first.” Then he squeezed my butt.
   He was a hot looking man and especially in his tight tailored guards uniform. He showed a nice bulge where his big cock sat under his pants.
   “Hi, Andy.” I said in a low quiet voice. “You’re looking hot as usual. I wouldn’t mind getting fucked by you Andy, but I have a little game I would like to play on my buddy, Roy, the ranger. Here is what I would like to do and you can be a part of it if you like,” I said, as Andy looked inquiringly at me.
   “Sure, anything for your sweet ass.” Andy came back.
   I explained to him that Roy had told me he fantasized about getting raped again but was afraid. I wanted Andy to come with me to the room where we would overpower Roy, blindfold, handcuff him and have some of the choice prisoners rape him one at a time, but not harm him. It would all be in fun. Andy was getting excited as I talked and had to adjust his hard cock as I gave him the details. I could guess Andy wanted to be one of the dudes to fuck Roy’s ass too. He agreed and said he wanted his partner Gary to be included. I agreed. We were about to begin the fun.
   I went into the bunkhouse very quietly and found Tony’s bunk. He lay there completely nude looking like a Roman god. I hated to wake him but thought he would be able to help. I touched his chest to wake him. He opened his eyes quickly grabbing my arm forcefully until he realized it was I.
   “Oh baby, I was just dreaming about you. Did you come to sit on my cock again? I could use another fucking,” he said as he pulled on his now semi-hard cock.
   “Not now but I might have some new ass for you if you are a good boy.” Then I kissed his chest and squeezed his cock.
   Tony looked at me in puzzlement but he was willing to do anything for another piece of hot ass. He quickly wet his finger and placed it inside my boxer shorts, down my ass crack, and to my moist asshole. He was quick; I have to say that about him. It took me by surprise but I let him finger my asshole as I continued on talking.
   “Sure, what are you planning?” he whispered back to me.
   I told Tony to follow me and I would explain. We headed to the other end of the building where Andy and Gary, the two guards were sitting in the semi-dark room. I explained to Tony what we had planned and he said he could round up a few good men with big hot cocks that are always willing to fuck a nice ass. Andy and I quietly opened the door of our room and found Roy still fast asleep.
   We quickly jumped on Roy while Andy handcuffed him. I put a blindfold over his eyes and gagged his mouth with one of Tony’s jockstraps. We tied his legs to the bedpost; face down, spreading his legs for full access to his ass. Roy was reluctant at first but realized it was useless to fight back. I wanted to reassure him that he would not be harmed but that was the fun of it. Tony entered the darkened room with two hot looking men from the bunkhouse. They were already naked and I could see they where very well hung. The room was semi-dark but enough to see the outlines of their body from the door entrance.
   Everything was ready for Roy’s fantasies to be fulfilled. As the first man came in the room he reached for Roy’s ass and bent over to kiss it. He sat on the bed and placed one hand between Roy’s legs feeling his asshole. Roy’s body tensed up as he yelled out. The man slapped his ass quickly causing Roy to jump and struggle to get loose. Someone tossed a pillow from my bed to put under Roy’s hips, lifting his ass up for better penetration. The first man moved his mouth to Roy’s asshole and buried his face between his buttocks. The second man was standing nearby watching his buddy eat Roy’s ass and jacking his cock off at the same time. The first man then crawled between Roy’s legs and aimed his cock at Roy’s hole. He moved in slowly at first then when he knew his cock head was in, he leaned into Roy and shoved his whole cock into him. A muffled sound came from Roy as he moaned in pain but knew he could not do anything but let his attacker fuck him. The first man started fucking immediately. He fucked slowly at first, but since he knew others were waiting for the pleasure of this hot ass, he let himself cum into Roy’s ass. Load after load he pumped into Roy until he was satisfied, then he quickly pulled his cock out.
   I was getting so hot watching Roy get fucked that as soon as the first man pulled his cock out of Roy I reached for his cock so I could clean it off. The first man stood there as I licked off the remaining cum off his big cock.
   I was sucking the remaining cum from first man as the number two man slipped into the bed and quickly shoved his cock into Roy’s well-lubed hole. Once again Roy let out a moan but knew he was at their mercy. I heard a whimper from Roy but noticed he lifted his ass up to greet his new fucker.
   Andy and Gary had gone back to the booth to make sure things were still in control in the bunkhouse. Only a few chosen men knew of the fucking that was going on in our room. Tony was standing guard at the door only to let in one or two men at a time and I was inside making sure no one hurt Roy and that Roy was only getting his fantasy pleasure. I looked past Tony out the door, and my jaw dropped as I saw the line-up
form outside the bunk door. Most of them were already completely undressed and rubbing their eyes, but every last one of them had a rock hard erection over the chance at some fresh ass.
   I watched the second man fuck Roy. He was pretty good at his fucking and thought perhaps I would check this dude out later so he could use his methods on me too. He had a nice hairy chest and thick cock. He kept fucking Roy in slow motion but I could see he was getting hot and was ready to drop his load into Roy’s asshole. He let out a soft whimper then shook with pleasure and fell forward onto Roy after he came. He pulled out slowly as I watched his still throbbing cock. He offered it to me to clean off the remaining cum. I gladly went down on his thick cock to taste the remaining man juices. The next two men had entered the room all ready to fuck some nice well-used ass.
   Man number three was a tall man that I had seen working in the kitchen. He was rather thin and had a sexy mustache. He had no hair on his head or his body but did have a very long uncut cock, which he was now working up and down. He pulled me towards his cock for me to get it hard before he buried it deep into Roy’s ass. I gladly helped him get his cock harder. While I was sucking on his cock, the fourth man was standing over Roy looking down on him. Then he started to jack himself off. He had a big tulip shaped cock head and I knew from experience it was a harder cock to take up the ass. He jacked on it until it was really hard. He kept watching me suck on the third man and he got so excited that he started to cum. He shot his load all over Roy’s back. You could see the clear glistening cum in the light, dripping down one side of Roy’s body and down the crack of his ass.
   “Whoops,” he said, and without saying another word, he shrugged his shoulders and left the room. He got too hot but he enjoyed his orgasm anyway. Meanwhile man number three was good and hard and was ready to fuck Roy’s ass. This gave Roy a chance to rest his asshole before getting another good fuck. I helped him guide his cock into Roy’s ass but before he put it in, he rubbed some of the other men’s cum from Roy’s body to lubricate his own cock. Then he was ready. Roy was ready for the next cock and once again came up to meet his next perpetrator.
   This latest man was a good fucker too. I wondered how these straight men learned how to fuck another man’s ass so well. I guess it comes naturally when you are horny and want to get your nuts off. This man looked like he wanted to fuck for a while so I sat back patiently to let his enjoy his newfound hole. He would rub his chest and play with his own tits for sensation. I thought I would help him so I leaned over to nibble on his tits. He liked this and held my head down on his nipples as I sucked and chewed on them. This seemed to make him hot. He sighed and moaned as he fucked Roy’s ass. Another man had entered the room and had come over to watch the action. He saw me chewing on the tits of man number three so he started to pinch and squeeze his other tit. It got him hot and he really started to hump on Roy, fucking him like he was his woman, pulling his ass up to meet his cock. He put on a good show then shot his load into Roy’s warm welcome ass, filling it with so much cum that the love juices were dripping out of Roy’s ass and over his balls. Then he pulled his cock out and slapped it on Roy’s butt, leaving it wet and juicy.

   I thought perhaps I should get a towel and try to dry Roy off before the next cock slid into his juicy asshole. His body was covered with sweat and cum and now his balls were dripping with cum. His beautiful asshole now had three loads of cum in it.
   Tony was still by the door but had gotten so hard watching the action that his cock looked like a tollgate. Even as large as his cock was, it still stood out full. I was having so much fun I felt like I was neglecting this big stud. I looked over to him. He winked at me and came over, placing the head of his cock to my lips. I tasted the pre-cum he had built up while watching the sex games. I didn’t think I could suck him off because he was so big, but it was sure a beautiful thing to love. I was looking around for a towel but Tony rubbed Roy’s asshole juices with his finger and then placed it in my mouth. Then he pushed the back of my head towards Roy’s ass to suck. I understood his intention so I leaned forward to Roy’s ass and buried my face into Roy’s ass licking and savoring the remaining cum lovingly placed in Roy’s ass. I started sucking slowly at first but as I tasted the salty cum it turned me on so I continued to suck out the cum. I ended with a nice tongue fucking and kissed Roy’s ass. I could see Tony standing besides me jacking on his cock. I wondered if he was about to try to fuck Roy but about that time another man entered to room to take his turn.
   I pulled away from the sweet ass as man number five immediately crawled onto Roy’s ass. He had a good size cock too. Tony sure knew how to pick out the big studs. He shoved my head down on his cock to get it wet then he put his wet cock into Roy’s ass with one quick shove. Roy once again moaned but then relaxed just as quickly. Number Five was a hot-looking Mexican with a dark complexion and straight black hair. He fucked like he was riding a wild bronco and occasionally would slap Roy on the butt and mutter something in Spanish. Both Tony and I stood back and let him ride his bronco. Roy was enjoying the ride and would wiggle his ass up and down as he was being fucked. Without warning, hombre number five sighed then unloaded his cum and came to a quick stop. He pulled out quickly and slapped his cock on Roy’s ass and left.
 Over the next two hours at least half a dozen guys took their turns at Roy's ass. They would climb onto the bed between his spread legs and sink their long dicks into his waiting hole, while all he could do was to moan in ecstasy and groan into his jockstrap gag. Perhaps it was about time to stop unless another hot stud needed to get off.
Just as I was thinking this, another man and the young cook walked into the room. The man grabbed the boy’s arm and pushed him towards Roy. The boy hesitated but figured he would give it a try. He seemed self-conscious with the three of us watching, but managed to get hard anyway. He looked up at the man who brought him. The man nodded to him and reached for his own cock to get it harder. The young man found Roy’s asshole and slowly put his cock in him. The other man crawled behind the cook, finding his ass and was now putting his cock into the young man as he was fucking Roy. It was kind of hot watching the three of them on the bed fucking. The man behind the cook had a good size cock and liked to fuck him. I think that was the same man that fucked him in the showers earlier that evening. The cook must be a nice fuck. Perhaps I should get a little of that before the day was over.

   They kept on fucking as Roy lay on the bottom with the young man’s cock in him and the older man was fucking his own favorite ass. The older man started to cum but the cook did not cum yet. He let his partner enjoy his ass before he would unload in Roy. He pulled away and left the young man with an ass full of cum. I liked the looks of the young man’s ass so I thought I would try out his sweet ass by putting my cock in his hole.
   I crawled behind the boy and guided my cock towards his hole. He reached around and guided it in. It felt so nice and warm with that other man’s cum still left inside. I started to move along with the young man then I realized Andy, the guard, had entered the room again, only this time he had his pants and shorts off. He reached behind me, placed his finger to my ass and crawled behind me. He wanted to fuck me now. What could I do but let this hunk fuck me like his younger brother had been doing at the lumber camp. I waited for his penetration before starting to fuck the cook. He put his cock to my asshole then shoved it into me with one big thrust. I flinched because I was still sensitive from the fuck that Tony’s cock had given me that day. I got used to it quickly though and let him enjoy my tight ass. He started to nibble on my neck and kiss me and whisper dirty things in my ear. I loved it. We were fucking away when I could tell the young man was going to cum in Roy. I could not do much moving because I was sandwiched between him and Andy. I could feel Andy’s cock starting to swell and then release a big load into me. He had a big load because I could feel it shoot into my anus. I was starting to cum at the same time. We all started to moan and groan with pleasure while cumming. It was really something else. I had never been in this position before and it was nice.
   Andy bit me on the neck just before he pulled his cock out of my ass. I felt like a mare receiving a bite from her stallion. I started to pull out of the young cook, and he pulled out of Roy. Poor Roy must have been wondering what the hell was happening. No one ever said anything and all he could hear was all the whispering, groaning and moaning. I think we were enjoying Roy’s fuck fantasy night as much as he was.
   I decided to untie Roy’s legs so he could stretch out some before anyone else entered the room. I also took the jockstrap that was in his mouth earlier and started to wipe off his body to let him cool off. I still did not talk to Roy so as not to spoil the fun. I also wiped his ass because it was oozing cum that the young cook had placed in his hole.
   Another pair of men quietly entered the room to take their turn shooting their load, entered the room with Tony’s permission. I think we had lost track of the loads of cum that had been pleasantly placed into Roy. One headed directly for Roy, as he lay helpless on the bed. He pulled his ass up in the air off the pillow and placed his finger in Roy’s hole to explore his innards. Then he placed Roy in a dog fashion position and put his cock up Roy. I think it was easier for Roy in this position. Roy let him use his ass and would back into it for those long deep thrusts.
   The other newcomer walked to the front of the bed and guided his cock into Roy’s mouth. Roy hesitated but realizing it was a cock took it readily into his mouth. He could not hold the cock because he was still handcuffed to the bed but tried to tongue and lick at this cock. He then pulled out of Roy’s mouth and mounted himself behind the man that was now fucking Roy. He scooted under him placing his cock into Roy’s asshole along with the other man fucking him. Roy was taking two cocks in his ass at the same time. They must have done this thing before. Neither of the men was too large so they fit nicely. I was fascinated with the procedure and crawled underneath to watch both cocks go into Roy. Roy’s cock was as hard as ever so it must have been feeling good to him. The pair worked well together and it wasn’t too long that they both were moving at the same time. I could hear them breathing heavily as they were getting ready to cum. I thought this would be a good time to suck on Roy and let him get off again. I could tell he had cum several times while being fucked but I would now suck on him and take his load as the two men emptied their sperm into his ass. They started to cum and I sucked in Roy’s cock from underneath. He pushed down into my mouth and emptied his load as the two men shot their load into his stretched but willing asshole. I took Roy’s sweet load and crawled out before getting crushed by the three bodies above me. As their cocks softened they both pulled out at the same time. Roy fell back on the bed to rest again. I had a bottle of water I put up to Roy’s mouth. He gulped it down quickly. I then poured some of the cool water over his forehead and the back of his neck to cool him down. He leaned over and kissed my hand. He had already had a good workout but was still all right and was preparing himself for the next round.
   Two more men had entering the room. One was the guard, Gary, and the other I didn’t recognize. Gary still had on his uniform but was now pulling out his cock as he pulled down his pants and shorts. Gary was a quiet, but very clean-cut, sexy man. His cock was nicely shaped and uncut. I enjoyed sucking on Gary in the restroom yesterday. I guess he was ready for his fuck now. He let the other man straddle Roy as he lay on the bed. He knew he was going to get some good ass as he played with his own cock and put his cock head between Roy’s buttocks. Roy spread his legs and humped up to greet his next cock. It wasn’t long before lucky number 13 was fucking his with long and forceful strokes. He didn’t seem to take too long and shot his load into Roy. He rested a few seconds then pulled out and left the room.

   Now it was Gary’s turn. He was already hot and ready to go. He wanted Roy dogie style so he reached under and pulled his ass up into the air for better fucking. Roy got up to meet Gary’s cock. Gary placed his hands on Roy's hips and pulled him onto his cock and he fucked in slow but deliberate motions. He was enjoying this piece of warm ranger ass. Gary fucked and fucked until he started to cum then he pulled the ranger ass onto his cock one more time as he unloaded his prison guard cum. He closed his eyes as he came and trembled like he did when I sucked him off before. You could tell Gary liked to have sex. Gary pulled away as I reached for his cock to go down on him, cleaning the remaining cum from his cock and milking down his last few drops. As I cleaned under his foreskin with my tongue, Gary started to get hard again. He liked me sucking his cock. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon but Gary started to pump his cock in my mouth. I held on and kept sucking and licking him. He wanted to cum again and soon he released a nice, sweet load into my mouth. I drained his cock, and then he stood up, put away his cock, and left the room.
   I looked over to Roy on the bed. I think he had fallen asleep. I glanced over at Tony as he closed the door and sat at the foot of the bed with Roy and me. He pulled my face towards him and started to kiss me placing his tongue deep in my mouth as if to taste Gary’s cum. He moved over to Roy, lifted his ass, and straddled his legs.
   Tony was now going to fuck Roy with his huge, manly cock. I think Roy could take it now after nine men had fucked him tonight, two of those at the same time. I leaned forward to wet Tony’s cock before he placed it into Roy then I guided him into Roy’s asshole and held on to Tony’s balls as he kissed me. He manipulated his cock into Roy as Roy sighed with both pleasure and pain. Tony put it all the way in and started to fuck. He reached up to un-cuff Roy then turned him over, placing his legs on Tony’s shoulders. His cock never left Roy’s hole as he twisted him face up. He started to fuck Roy deep and hard. He leaned over him and kissed Roy on the lips as his huge cock was filling Roy’s hole. I heard the door open quietly and saw about six men slowly and quietly enter the room. They watched the fucking and started to jack off at the same time. Andy had a small flashlight and spotted the area of penetration so we could watch Tony’s cock go into Roy. It was a sight to behold.

   The men gathered around the bed quietly and watched, each man jacking off his cock. Tony put on a great show, again positioning his body so everyone could watch. All this time, Roy was still unaware of the other men in the room. This fucking kept up for about 15 minutes, and then Tony decided to give Roy all his love juices. He started to pump in and out. Sometimes he would pull his cock all the way out leaving Roy’s hole wide open and ready for another plunge from Tony. Tony’s balls started to tighten and he started to cum. We all stood around the bed ready to join in the jubilee of orgasms. Then it started to happen.
   Tony started to moan with sounds of pleasure as he pumped his sperm into Roy. Everyone started to cum, shooting gushers of cum all over Roy’s face and chest as well as Tony’s back and shoulders. Neither seemed to mind; in fact, Roy opened his mouth to receive any of the wild cum now shooting on both men. Roy started to cum as Tony jacked him a few times, causing Roy’s sperm to shoot up and over his own head. Then Roy passed out as Tony pulled his cock out of Roy’s sweet ass. A couple of the men still excited over the cum bath Roy had received were starting to lick the cum from his body and cock. One man lifted his legs and sucked on his ass to drink down Tony’s latest load of cum that was deposited in Roy’s ass. They continued to lick and clean his body. Two of the men released a second load on Roy as they made love to Roy’s body. After everyone had cum, the men slowly left the room, one by one.
   Tony lifted Roy’s limp and well used body, and placed him on the other clean cot, as I changed the sheets and cleaned up the room. There was still a heavy scent of manly body sweat and cum in the room, so I opened up the window to air it out. Tony kissed me tenderly on the lips but lingered a few passionate minutes searching my mouth with his tongue. I responded back with a warm loving kiss. Before we parted, I bent over to give his ‘dragon’ one more loving kiss and taste the remaining pre-cum from his cock. As I was making love to his cock Tony quickly put his large finger up my ass twisting and searching for my prostate gland. Much to my pleasant surprise he found the right spot and I gushed out another load of cum all over our feet. He said quietly. “That’s my boy. Now keep that sweet love canal ready for our next encounter.” Then he kissed me one more time and headed out the door to the dorm. “See you later.”
I looked over at Roy to make sure he was okay. He was sound asleep. I think I even saw a smile on his face as he turned to one side and fell into a deep slumber. I knew now that Roy’s fantasy had been fulfilled.
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Word Count 4825 2/1/2017


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