Friday, October 25, 2013

Trailer Trash Men Action

One of my trucker buddies. Comes by one a week to give me his load.

One of the truckers I sucked off at the Roadside Restroom.
He gave me a nice sweet load.  I loved to lick on his balls too.

Skater boi stops by each week for one of my blowjobs.

Happy 4th of July.

Sammy is a rent-a-boy, but he gives me his ass for FREE.

Can you believe this big cock fucking your ass? 
Look at the big load he emptied up this young ass.

One of my neighbors-Grower-not a shower.

Another one of my hot trailer trash truckers.  I suck him off every time he drops by. 
 I've been sucking his brother off as well.  Nice to keep it in the family.

His brother cock is nice too.  He loves his balls sucked and his ass rimmed.

He says he's straight but he sure loves to be blown and rimmed.  He's a college student and

wants me to come over and suck off a few of his buddies.

  A HOT LABORER WHO loves FOR ME TO SUCK HIM EACH WEEK WHEN HE WORKS ON MY neighbors roofs.   He has a nice uncut cock to suck on. and comes over almost every week.  I love some of these straight dudes that let me suck the hot juicy cum from their cock.

One of my old school mates.  He still loves for me to suck him off now and then.  This month his wife is having her period and he gets no sex from her so I take him off a couple times this week.

A hot trucker I met while at the truck stop.  He was in town for 3 days and I sucked him off 6 times during that time.  He wanted to fuck me but we never were in the right place for fucking.  Would you let him fuck you?

Ron just moved in next door this week.  I had him today and he was really hot to be sucked off.  He just broke up with his girl and need sex real bad but he said why go back to her when he could use me to suck him off. I am now his personal 'cum dump'.  Love his hairy chest and hair balls and ass crack.
Ron's big dick.  What a beauty to suck on.  His girl is crazy to give this stud up...but I think I have him hooked on my cock sucking.  He has been over everyday this week.  He hinted that his twin brother might like to get sucked off as well.  I'm ready especially if his dick is this nice. It might be hot to let one to fuck me while I suck the other one off.  Wow! what a time that might be. 

One of the dudes at the office comes by about once a month to let me suck him off and fuck me.  Gosh is he a great fucker. 

U P S GUY. LOVES TO FUCK ASS. He is the first black guy to ever fuck me and I loved it.  He is married and has 2 kids.  Shoots a huge load up my ass about once a month.

I met Bob at the local pool hall.  When no one is around he dropped his shorts and offered to let me eat his ass.  Since that time I not only have eaten his ass in the pool hall , but I fuck him right on the pool table.  He tells me he's not queer, but likes to let guys fuck his ass for free.

Two of the LA Sheriff officers that come by to get sucked off.  Father and son.


  1. Lucky man to have so many friends. I wish I had some hot men that just want to get sucked off regularly here in Michigan. I especially like to suck a man in uniform.

  2. Those picture were great or awesome, but for some reason I liked the Black Huge Cock and I am a White Guy myself with a small six inch cut cock and if any truckers that would like to suck on it in the Palm Springs, Ca to make your day better., hope to hear from you.

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