Friday, March 8, 2019

Tail Gate Party

Story by Dick Clinton
There was a dance tonight at the local Farmer’s Grange Hall. When Dad dropped me off that evening I told him I'd made arrangements to stay with some of the guys and would be home tomorrow. I wasn’t much for dancing but I knew John and the guys would be here with their dates. There was no drinking allowed, but some of the men, and boys would slip outside and sip a few beers.

John and his buddies had too much to drink that night, and were already bored with their dates. They coaxed me outside to the dark parking lot, threw me over the tailgate of John’s old truck bed, ripped open the ass end of my jeans, and started fucking the hell out of me. It frightened me at first, but John always protected me from any real harm. He knew how much I liked getting rough fucked, so I was just there for everyone’s pleasure as well as my own.

John and his two close buddies used me several times before they started inviting some of their other buddies over for a beer. When the guys saw some action going on, John invited them to throw a fuck to me. My t-shirt had been thrown over my head so no one could see who I was. All they could see was my bare ass bending over the tailgate of the truck to be used. I was a quick and easy piece of ass, and they never hesitated. They would whip out their cocks, rub my ass to find my wet hole, and shove their cock in me. Some guys shot after a few quick jabs, but some took their time before cumming. A few of the boys would sip on their beer, smoke and talk to the other guys while they fucked me.

I thought I recognized a few voices and heard a few names called, but I was never sure who was using me, and I really didn’t care. I loved being their ‘boy whore’ for the evening. I lost count of how many times I'd gotten fucked already tonight, and I think a couple guys came back for seconds. There was so much sperm shot up my ass that it was oozing out of my asshole, running down my legs and into my boots. John told me it was a ‘farewell fuck party’ and I was their treat for the guys before the school semester began next week.

When I thought everyone was tired of fucking me I heard a man's voice talking to John. It wasn't one of the boys but an adult, probably one of the boys father. He asked 'what the hell was going on' but when he saw my body bent over the the truck bed, and my bare ass exposed, he knew right away I was getting gang banged.

He yelled and told John to tell the guys to get the hell out of there and leave me alone. Then he came over to me and asked me if I was okay. I muttered an “ugh huh” but kept my head covered with my t-shirt, thinking he would leave before he discovered who I was. But to my surprise and pleasure, he gently rubbed my ass and ran his hand down my ass crack and touched my wet hole dripping with loads of boy cum.

“Boy, you must have taken quite a few loads there son. You've got cum dripping out of your hole and down your legs like a well used whore. You sure your okay?” Then he took his neck scarf and started drying my ass crack and legs. I didn't know if I should stand up and revel myself to him or not. As I slowly started to stand he gently pushed me back down on the truck bed.

“Well, son, as long as you're not harmed, and you seem to like cock up your ass, I might as well give you another load of sperm. I'm not one of those young punks with a small cock though. I've got a man size dick, and since you're already lubed with young spunk you probably won't have any trouble taking a man size cock.”
“John. Come over here. How long you punks been fucking this young heifer?”

“Dad, we didn't mean any harm, besides he loves to get fucked. We do this when ever he's available. Tonight he just happened to be willing and we were horny, so we came out here to give him what he wants.”

“I can see why you like to use his sweet looking ass. I guess since he willing, I might as well get me a piece of that too. Don't go telling your ma about this or I'll be fucking your ass next. Understand?”

I was shocked but pleased to know it was John's dad. I've always had the 'hots' for him but never had the chance to let him know. Gawd. This was great. John's dad was gonna fuck me right in front of his son. How hot is that?

“Stand over here and watch out for my brothers. I don't want them to see me fucking his young calf or they'll be 'gang banging' him as well. Let's just keep this as our family secret.”
“Sure dad, and by the way, he likes it rough and hard so fuck the hell out of him. He loves it. Dad. Are you okay? You seem to be a little tipsy.”

John's dad, Mr Jackson, was fumbling with his pants and pulled out his prick. He warned me he had a big one, and I guess I was about to find out. He began running his hard prick up and down my wet ass crack until he found my wet hole.

“John come closer. Hold my beer son, as I guide my dick in his 'boy pussy'. Don't just stand there gawking at your ole mans monster cock, spread his ass cheeks so I can get it in.”

“ Yeah, I'm a little drunk, so ya gotta help me here son. Yeah, that's it. Spread em. I'm hard and horny as hell. Hope this boy can take my man meat. Aw yeah! There's that sweet wet pussy. Slowly and easy.”

“Aw Fuck. It slid right in up to my balls. Wow! That's a sweet pussy hole. Oh yeah!.”

“Come closer boy and watch you're ole man fuck some hot boy pussy. My Gawd. How many times have you boys fucked him tonight? He is so wet and warm. Is your cum still in his hole?”

“Yeah dad. I think I came two time in him tonight. That's good stuff, huh dad? I'd never seen your dick hard before. Dad you're hung like a horse... and so thick. Plow that ass. I want to see your reaction when you cum. That's good pussy isn't it dad?”

John was standing behind me and next to his dad as he pumped my ass with his big prick. I could see John standing next to my rear side as he watched his dad fuck my welcome ass. He had his dick out again and was jacking off. I saw his dad's hand reach out and caress John's balls.

John's dad was really starting to get 'into it', and began plowing my ass hard and rough. My dick was about to explode as he was constantly massaging my prostate. Then I felt his prick expand and I knew he was going to come.

“John, son, put you hand around my prick as I fill your 'pussy boy' full of cum. Gawd this is hot! How ya like watching your ole man fuck? We should do this more often. This is really hot.....Oh gawd. I'm gonna cum. Gonna cum and fill his fuck hole with some hot daddy juice: the same sperm that created you, son. Oh fuck, Oh fuck. What a feeling. Awe shit. Aw fuck. I love cumming.”

Mr Jackson pumped my ass hard and rough. I could feel the whole truck moving as he dumped his manly cock deep in my ass hole. I got so hot and turned on that I started to cum too. My ass muscles tightened around his gushing cock. I could feel John's cum shooting on my ass mixing his boy cum with his dad's cum. His dad was giving me a good fuck. They moved so close together I knew they were touching each other, and perhaps kissing as they released their cum on me, and in me. It was awesome. There there was a silence except for heavy breathing.

“Damn! That was one of the best organisms I've had in ages. I want you to get him out to our place Sunday after your ma and little brother have gone to church. We'll take him to the barn and fuck the hell out of him together.”

“Wow dad. That would be great. Can I invite Mike along too? He and I have been fuck partners for some time now.”

“You mean Mike Miller, Jerry Miller's son.”

“Yeah. That's the one.”

Well I’ll be damned. Jerry and I went to the same school together. We use to have jack-off and fuck parties together all the time. In fact his wife and your mom and I use to share bed partners with each other before we got married. After we got married both women got pregnant at the same time. We were never sure if Mike was my son and you weren't Jerry's son. That would make you brothers in a sense. Don't you go spreading that around now son.”

“I'll be. I wondered why we always got along so well.”

“Sure, Get Mike and his dad Jerry to come along and we'll share this pussy boy with them as well. It's been awhile since I've seen good ole Jerry. This is gonna be some hot fucking Sunday. Got to go back inside the hall before I'm missed.”

I took all the conversation in and was looking forward to getting fucked by all 4 men this week end.

“Young man, you rest that sweet pussy hole up for this Sunday, because you are in for another treat. You think my dick is big, wait until you feel Jerry's big 10 inch cock buried up your boy pussy. Uh Huh. Nice stuff there son. Rest up now.”

He slapped me on the butt, ran his rough callused hand down my ass crack and stuck his finger deep in my cum filled hole. He pull it out and stuck it in his mouth and licked off the juices, then he headed back to the building.

When everyone finished using me, the guys threw me into the back of the truck, like a piece of used trash, and drove me to the old barn. They carried my limp and used body into the barn, where we all slept until early morning. John seemed apologetic to me the next morning, and while the other two guys slept, John made sweet tender love to me, and fucked me one more time. I was somewhat tender and sore from all the fucking I'd received the night before, but when John made love to me, I soon forgot how tender by ass was from the gang-bang fucking.

His thick cock was deep in my body once again, and I loved it. This guy knew how to make a guy appreciate a good fuck, twisting and pounding on my body. He would always rub against my prostate with his big cock, causing me to cum several times during our fuck sessions. I bet he could make the girls cum several time too, but I think John enjoyed fucking me better than any female he'd ever fucked.

He and a couple of his close friends would often go on dates, drop them off and then come by my place to pick me up for sex. We would find some dark road, park the car and have sex, either in the back of a pickup truck or the back of a van. When a guy had the need for sex, they could usually find a way to satisfy it, and I was always a willing partner.
Fuck! I sure miss those tailgate parties.

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