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Lumbering Jacks, Chapter 13


This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended by this story or not of legal age then please leave now.
Author: Dick Clinton


Chapter 13

After that spin on the round bed and a satisfying performance by Shawn, the stud of the day, I walked around the tent to see what other things were going on. Shawn took me by the arm and directed me to the beer bar for a cool drink. As we stood there talking I saw a strange looking contraption in the center of the room. It was a very large wine or beer barrel standing on one end. A stair way led to a platform or balcony about half way up the barrel. In the barrel were large glory holes drilled around the out side. At the top was a betting table with a bell in the center. Shawn noticed my curiosity.

I bet you never saw one of these before?” Shawn asks me as I stood near by. “It is a game we play. A person sits or stands inside the barrel where 10 large holes are cut. Out side the barrel 10 men place their cocks into the hole and place bets on which one the cock sucker inside will choose as the best 3 cocks. The cock sucker will test out and suck off 3 of the best cocks then place a chain with a number around the base of each of the cocks. When he is through he will ring the bell and the men will pull their dicks out of the holes. The 3 chosen that round will be given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. Then the bets will start over again and 10 more men will place their bets and their cocks into the holes again and the game will start again. If you were not chosen, you have to place another bet and move to another hole and try for another blow job. Win or lose, everyone has a fun time and everyone eventually gets sucked off. Part of the winnings goes to the cock sucker inside.” Shaw explained to me in great detail.

That is very creative and it looks like fun too. Can I give it a try?” I said as I walked over to the barrel.

Sure, we are going to begin soon and we need our first cocksucker for the inside job. You wouldn’t happen to like to suck a few cocks would you?” Shawn grinned. “I know you are a good fuck, but are you a good cock sucker too?”

I laughed and was already trying to figure out how to get inside.
Shawn told me that no one knew who is inside and the inside cocksucker did not see the men he was sucking. If I wanted to try it I would have to get in soon before they lined up the cocks from the outside. A hinged door opened from under the platform on one side and locked from the inside. It was a large barrel and I could either stand inside or set on a high stool. I would be given some water and a bucket to spit out the cum if I desired. The platform around the barrel held the men so they could stand and lean into the barrel while getting sucked off. The top of the barrel was numbered from 1 to 10 like a roulette wheel and the bets were place there with the help of a host.

Shawn introduced me to the host Randy and I went inside. He gave me instruction how to place the rings and told me after I closed the door a small light would come on inside. He also gave me a small flashlight and an intercom in case I needed anything. It was ventilated with fresh air from beneath. Randy also explained that there were small closed circuit cameras inside the barrel with delayed filming that were projected on a large TV screen in another room. The host Randy lit up a joint for us to smoke before the action began. I could hear several men gathering for the Barrel of Fun. I took several tokes and Randy placed me inside the barrel. I was ready for a new adventure.

Once I was inside the barrel I could hear the footsteps of men coming upon the platform and heading for a hole. The host, Randy explained to the men how to bet then the show would begin. Each man in turn started to unzip or unbutton their pants and started to pull out their soft dicks. They leaned into the barrel and placed their cocks into the holes. I was excited seeing all ten holes filled with beautiful glorious cocks and balls of all sizes, shapes, and colors. I helped a few to arrange their cocks so I could get full access to their shafts. I loved this job. I loved cock and I loved sucking. I could look over the ones I wanted and fondle them with care and love. I didn’t know where to start so I thought I would taste a few and help some of them get hard. Most were already starting to grow. I was given a Polaroid camera so I could take a few pictures of any or all of the cocks I wanted.

Where do I begin?” I thought to myself. I thought most of them looked great so I started with the first one. I touched his semi-hard cock and pulled on his big balls. He was uncut and I placed my tongue under the foreskin to taste him. He sighed as I began to pleasure his cock. It was nice but I knew I had others to sample so as soon as I got him hard I went to another one on the opposite wall. I think I surprised him and he jumped slightly as I went down on his soft dick. It did not take him long before he was hard. I realized I must not play around too much because they were waiting to cum. I went to another, then another and started giving all of them some head. They all seemed to enjoy my mouth. I knew I was good at this so I could understand their excitement. Also not knowing who the cock sucker was at the hole was part of the game of barrel glory hole sucking.

I looked around as I had all ten dicks throbbing with excitement. I had to finish this game so I concentrated on one of the big dicks and he came. I wanted to linger but immediately went to #3 and #4 changing from one cock then back to the other. I felt one of the cocks starting to cum and took his load as I held on to another one. I went back to the other one and he came immediately. I think the excitement of the man next to him having his orgasm, got him off quicker. I continued on to another then another and wanted them all but had to choose the best 3 in accordance to the game.

I took the chain with #3 on it and put it around one of the cocks, and then I took chain #2 and put it on another. I had a hard time deciding which one I enjoyed the most so I took another long deep suck and went back to one I like. I took his picture as it hung thru the hole. His uncut cock was hanging down there so beautiful so I gave him the # 1 chain then pulled on the bell as the first round was over. He pulled out and cheered. He also slipped me a $20.00 bill and his personal business card to call him later. I was flattered and surprised at the response. Suddenly each hole was placing money into the hole as it dropped inside the barrel. I took a deep breath and took out my cock to release it from the pressure of my tight jeans. I did not want to cum yet because this was an exciting and fun thing to do.

I heard the men talking while some left and some moved to different holes. I was happy that they stayed because it told me they enjoyed my cock sucking.

Soon the cocks were being placed into the 10 holes again. I recognized some of them from before and would get them off this time. They all deserved to get a blow job. I was pleased that so many of the men had such nice cocks and I would enjoy getting their cum. I had not spit out any of the 5 loads I had taken that last round but probably won’t swallow too much for right now if I wanted to stay awhile. Even though I enjoy most men’s cum, it did give me cramps if I drank too much. I wish Junior could be here. He loves sucking cock as much as I did and was also very good.

They were all in position and I was ready to begin the cock sucking game again. Wow, I was in heaven looking at all of these 10 hard cocks all at one time. I looked around again and knew what to do this time so I started looking over the merchandise. I started on one cock and felt he was too hot and might cum right away so I stopped sucking on him and went to another. I found a nice cock that had a cock ring around the base. It never got soft during all the sucking. I found a nice average cock and thought I would suck him off first just to practice. He leaned into the barrel as far as he could as I continued to suck him until he came. I went to another one next to him that looked so beautiful and sucked him off right away. I decided I would go back to that first one and drain him now. I was so enjoying all this cock that I almost forgot to place the winning chains around the 3 best ones for that round. I thought I would give the one with the big head cock 1st place and one of the smaller cocks 2nd place. It would make him proud. Then I quickly chose the 3rd place and rang the bell again. I heard a sound of disappointment from some of the men that did not get off but I was hoping they would come back for seconds.

Another 10 men were waiting patiently in line while I sucked the remaining 10 now at the hole. I felt the excitement of the other men as each one of them had an orgasm. I knew some of them were kissing and making love with each other while I sucked them off. They would remain at the holes until I rang the bell, because they wanted to see who was the winner of the 1st 2nd and 3rd place money on the wheel. It was nice to have so much power. Even though I was sucking the cum out of each and every one of them, I was in charge.

I just finished the last cock and placed the rings around the 3 winning cocks when 10 more beautiful cocks coming thru the holes in the barrel once again invaded me. I took a quick drink of water then looked around to see where I would start first. I picked up the tips I had receive thru the holes by the other men and put them in an empty bucket next to my cum bucket. I hadn’t even started to spit out any of the cum yet and could feel my stomach starting to feel the warm loads of cum. As I waited for the game to begin I would help pull the cocks thru the holes. I also like to see and feel the balls as I sucked cock. I would take a nice whiff of a few bigger balls and give them an extra lick or two. Most of the men didn’t have any underwear on. A few were wearing jock straps and some had cock rings around the base of their penis. Most had also been drinking a few beers so I could taste the hint of warm piss. Now and then a big uncircumcised cock would have some extra manly pre-cum taste but I was beginning to like it. I knew some of them had already been sucked on before arriving at the Barrel Game but it didn’t take them very long to get hard again at my expert cock sucking. I think by now I had gotten a good routine and could suck off all 10 men at each session. I think the news got around because I could see thru the hole before it was filled with a cock and I could see a long line of eager men ready to try their luck. I already knew their luck was to get them off. I did get a small chance to take a breather while 10 of the men left and the other 10 took their positions.

I heard a small tap at my door. It was Randy the host of the betting wheel above.

How ya doing pal? Getting enough cock? Boy, you are really whipping them out. Here is a joint for you and another fresh bottle of water and mouth wash. Have you filled that bucket yet? You should see the studs that you have been sucking off. Wow, I think I will help you out and suck off a few dozen cocks too. I didn’t know you would last this long. Do you want to continue or do you want to take a break. There is a big line of hot looking dudes ready to be sucked off. What do you say?” Randy said quietly as another 10 men were taking their place at the holes and making their bets.

No, I am fine. Keep em coming and I will keep them cumming.” I said as I took the water and the fresh joint to smoke.

Randy. I am having a ball. You should see all the tips I am making too. I would have done this for free. I may build one of these for the barracks at the lumber mill. What a fantastic idea. I am ready for more. Lets keep it going for a while and when I have had enough or the line stops, I will let you know. Thanks Randy. The show must go on.” I said as Randy laughed and closed the door to the barrel.

I looked back inside to find 10 more beautiful cocks hanging thru the hole. I had 2 big black cocks this time. One was huge and could hardly fit into the hole. I had to take a closer look at this one. It wasn’t a shiny black as some I had sucked but a nice dark brown. The head was still partially buried under his foreskin as I slowly arranged his ball in the hole. He had a dark musky smell at the base of his balls and a hint of leather from his leather chaps covering his jeans. There was some clear colored pre-cum dripping from the head of his big tulip shaped cock head. I immediate licked off the pre-cum as his cock jumped with anticipation. I tried not to show him more attention than the others but how could I resist?

I did my personal touching round with each one as I inspected and admired some of the perfect dicks. I would try to get everyone’s balls thru the hole so I could do a few licks on them too. Some received this very well as a few moans were heard from above me. I started my dick tasting and ball smelling as I proceeded with my pleasurable cock sucking. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the delicious treats staring before me. I knew I loved to suck cock but this was so great because I didn’t have to go through a long anticipated wait. They were coming to me for my service. I was in cock sucker paradise and if I should die right now I would have a smile on my face and a belly full of man nectar.

This kept up until I had lost track of the cocks I had sucked at the holes. I knew I had made a lot of men happy. I also had quite a few tips. Most of the men would give me at least $5.00 each and some even more. I had stopped picking up the money on the floor of the barrel and concentrated on drinking the man cum. I was beginning to let some of the cum go into the bucket. It was almost ¼ full. I figure there was at least a quart in the bucket and probably that much in my stomach. I had missed a few spurts of cum from some of the hotter cocks and it was now soaking up my t-shirt. It was good though because it was keeping me cool.

I was getting ready for another round when Randy tapped on the door once more. I opened the door to see what he wanted. He spoke to me before anyone else had entered the room.

Hi again. I am getting ready to take a break here and thought you would like one too. This has made me so hot watching you suck off all these hot studs that I will be joining the next 10. I was hoping you would suck me off too? I am not going to tell you, which one I am so it will be fair for the other betters. Is that okay. with you? Then after the next 10 we will take a break so you can empty your self and clean up a bit. I have a clean body shirt so you can change. I will get them ready now so I will see you in a few.” Then Randy shut the door again and arranged the next 10 men on the platform at the holes.

Once again I did my thing of doing their things. I hated to admit it but my lips were starting to get a bit numb from sucking all those fantastic cocks of all shapes, sizes, and color. Even sperm has a bit of different flavor. You get so after you sucked off a few dozen men that you can tell if they smoke, what kind of cigarettes or cigar, what they drink, and what they had for dinner. Sometimes you could even tell what kind of vitamins they had taken that day because of the taste.

I was just finishing up my last cock of the game and gave the rings to my favorite tasting cock. Randy was one of the last dudes I sucked off but I still wasn’t sure exactly which one he was unless it was the big one with the cock ring around the base. I finished and started to pick up all the money on the floor and put the bills in the bucket to count later. I would leave the bucket of cum for the next cocksucker to fill. I heard the 10 men leave and then Randy opened the door. He had a cute little smile on his face and said to me as I left my den of love.

You are as good a cock sucker as they said you were. I bet you couldn’t tell which one was me but I will say I was sad you didn’t pick me as one of the 3 best ones.”
Randy said.

Oh I knew which one you were but I didn’t think it would have been a good business gesture to give the host the 1st place prize. Nice cock ring, Randy.” Then I grabbed his crotch and stood waiting for a response.

I followed Randy to the back of the tent thru one section of the entertainment section and bar. At one side was a small theater with a large TV screen playing some fuck and suck films. I looked over to see my face with my lips wrapped around a big beautiful cock. I had almost forgotten about the close circuit TV cameras set up inside the barrel where I had preformed. The men were commenting and wooing and awing at my performance. The room was semi dark and a few me were leaning against the wall getting sucked off. His master had offered another man slave in the back section for service and a couple of men were using him. He was bent over and one big man was fucking the hell out of him while another was face fucking him.

Looks like your performance is continuing to turn some people on.” Randy said to me as we paused for a moment to watch the action. Then we moved on to another storage room in the back. Randy pulled a nice clean body shirt off the clothes rack, held it up to me to see if the size was right. I took it readily as I took off my cum stain sweaty shirt. Randy quickly took it from me and placed it to his nose to sniff.

May I keep this? It’s so raunchy and smells like you at the moment.” Randy said as I smiled at him and nodded yes.

I put on the clean dry shirt while looking around trying to figure out my location. Randy motioned for me to follow him out the back exit. It was connected to the other barracks, the showers, toilets, and jail house. We walked along for a short distance and went in the back doors of the barrack. We found a couple of mattress thrown over some cots and pull them open so I could rest. I hated to admit it but I had sucked so many dicks in the barrel that I found I was weak. I hadn’t eaten much that day either so that was a part of it too. Randy sensed my weakness and said he would be right back with something to eat. I started to settle into my bedded area where I found some clean sheets and a couple pillows. I headed to the shower to clean up a bit before taking a nap. The showers were large open areas like those at the Lumber Camp. I was alone and took a nice shower, and headed back to the bed where Randy had set me up a nice small table with a couple big hamburgers, fries and a large soft drink. I was still naked but threw the towel around me as I sat down to eat.

Randy and I talked about a few personal things about us while I ate. Randy had run across Adam when he picked up the food. It seems Adam was concerned about my presence but when Randy told him I was with him, he was relieved. He said he didn’t tell Adam of my experience in the Barrel of Glory Holes because he thought it was up to me to tell him about that. I was going to tell Adam next time I saw him anyway but I wanted to do this myself. I wanted to see Adam’s face when I told him. I think Adam was starting to take a liking to me. I was flattered at his concern. Then Randy told me that Adam wanted to know if we would both dress in the Sailor Uniform whites in the storage room and come back outside to be used on one of the cross. Randy said he was anxious to be part of the show and would ask me if I would join him.

Randy. You know I am rather exhausted at the moment even though getting fucked a few times sounded very tempting to me. I liked the idea of being hung from one of the Leather Cross’ in the main tent, to be used by some of these hunks but I think I will take a rest and try to get a few hours of sleep before I start in again. I thank you for the Hamburger and food but now I just want to rest my jaws.” I said as I finished up my last fry.

Yeah, I know how you must feel but when I saw the action taking place out there I got all horny again. I think I will take Adam up on the performance. I haven’t had a good gang fuck since the last time I went to the Eagle Bar in Denver. Man that was so hot. I was a bit high and thought it might be fun. They took me and put me in one of those swings, ties me up spread me out and I was theirs. I was on this stage while they brought out this big stud with a huge 12 inch cock. I was in no position to argue and besides performing before another 50 or so hot leather and cowboy studs turned me on. Needless to say, I had no choice. After this stud used me for about 15 minutes I was so hot I wanted more. He shot such a load in me that I thought I was going to feel it coming out of my mouth. After he pulled out of my ass another stud came up on the stage and ask for volunteers. There was almost a stampeded to the stage. I started getting fucked by first one dude then another. I didn’t even bother to keep score but I think it was about 15 guys that fucked me before the host thought I had enough. I had so much cum running out of my ass they had to put a bucket under my ass. One dude then came up and started to suck out all of the cum from my ass while another sucked him off and another sucked me off again. I had already cum about 5 times and was covered with cum. Then while this was going on another 4 dudes came up and jacked off all over my body. I was in slut heaven. I never thought I would get myself in that position but here I was being used over and over. And you know what, I loved it. That is why when Adam asks if I wanted to be part of this show in the tent, my dick immediately got hard. I can hardly wait to join them so if you will excuse me I will put on the tightest white sailor uniform I can find and offer my body to the Gods.” Randy said as we both laughed.

Sure, Randy. I understand. Now you go and have a fucking good time and perhaps I might join you after a while. You sound like me when you get turned on. Find me a pair of whites too and lay them on the other cot there and I will put it on after I rest. Now hurry before you miss out on a big one.” I said as I lay back on the cot to rest while Randy wave to me and headed back to the storage room to get the sailor uniforms.

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Lumbering Jacks, Chapter 12


Let the Games Begin.

Chapter 12

It was getting late so Mick and I headed back towards the Lumber Camp’s Tent. We didn’t want to miss any of the first show. When we arrived at the Tent the men inside had things pretty well in order. Two of the 3 projectors were already showing hot sex movies and the 3rd one was now focusing live video cameras on the Jail cells behind this tent. One of the men positioned him on one of the platforms and spoke into a mike.

If I may have your attention on the center screen where we have set up live cameras on our entertainment for tonight. Our 6 young Marine trainees were captured by the Yellow team during a War Game and brought here as their prisoners. They are unaware of our intentions. We have told them they will be interrogated but first they will be told to take off all their clothes and shower. We will watch every move without their knowledge. Then they will be clothed again in their same uniforms, except for their underclothes, which will be auctioned off later in this room.”

A big cheer and laughter was heard from the men in the tent. The announcer continued.

These young men, who, by the way, are all over 18”. Some one booed and once again laughter was heard.

As I was saying, these young men will be tied, blindfolded and brought into this room one at a time, then strapped to the Leather Padded Crosses here on the revolving ramps. Their pants will be pulled down and they will be ‘interrogated.’ Our 12 chapter members will each have their turn at them first. They will be worked over both in the rear and thru the large round hole drilled in the cross. Their cock and balls will be used on one side while their asses can be used on the other side.”

A big round of cheers and applause was heard from the men again. Then someone shouted.

Let’s get this show on the road. I am a good interrogator.”
Watch the middle screen now as our abducted Marines will strip and head for the showers. You will be able to view the merchandise before it is presented to us on the platforms. Meanwhile if you want a free beer you must jack off in one of the free condoms placed in containers around the room. After you cum in the condom, take it to one of the beer tenders with your fresh load and he will give you a free beer.”

One of the men unzipped his pants and started to jack off while one of his buddies started to help him put on the condom. Things were starting to pick up as the men were getting into the mood of the games. I could already feel the effects of the marijuana smoke they were pumping into the tent. The room was filled with eager hot and horny men.

I watched the middle screen as the Marines had undressed and were already coming out of the showers. The cameramen were focusing on close ups of some of the Marines dicks and ass. They were all hot clean cut looking men. We were lucky with this catch. One of the boys had a pretty good size dick and was getting excited looking at the other boys nakedness. This one was going to be one of the best performers. A Marine Sergeant came into the room and shouted at them while they dressed. Two other men secured their hands behind their backs while the other blindfolded them.

The first young Marine was now being taken from the Jail cell and being brought into the tent only a few feet away. One of the platforms was spotlighted with soft colored lights where the first prisoner was secured on the cross. Everyone was silent as he was tied to the cross. One of our men was ready to untie his hands and strapped him to the cross. After this was done his pants were pulled down past his knees exposing his full round ass. On the other side of the cross his cock was pulled thru the glory hole. The young man did not struggle but was wondering what was happening. I’m sure he could smell the smoke and sense the presence of other people around him. One of our men started to oil down his body, making his ass shine out under the lights. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Adam walked up to the platform and touched the boy’s ass. The boy jumped and then shouted out something. Adam took his leather glove and placed it on his ass once again but this time rubbing up and down his butt crack. The boy tightened his buttocks now anticipating another move from Adam. Adam started to take out his cock but looked over to me, standing near by, and motioned for me to join him on the platform. I was curious what he wanted but quickly jumped upon the platform.

He whispered in my ear. “Take out my cock and get it good and hard. I am going to fuck this sweet young boy’s ass!” He instructed me to be his ‘fluff’ boy.

Adam kissed me on the lips then gently pushed me to the floor as I slowly unbuttoned his tight jeans while rubbing the cock area. I slowly exposed his big cock then pulled on his big balls pressing them to my face. I leaned back to let the other men see what a beautiful cock Adam possessed. I respectfully kissed his balls and licked his cock tasting the pre-cum developing on his cock head. He was now hard. He was feeling the boy’s ass as I sucked on his cock. He wet a finger of his leather glove and put it to the asshole of the boy. The young Marine responded slightly but sensed what was in store for his body.

Get down there and lick his ass. Get it wet and juicy for me before I put it in him.” Adam instructed me in a forceful demanding way.

I obediently put my face to the young mans ass while spreading his tight tender buttocks. I licked and kissed the buttocks tenderly with my lips and tongue. I went to his ass crack and run my tongue in deeper. I found his asshole and pulled his cheeks apart even more while placing my tongue into his virgin pink asshole. He did not flinch but gave out a small sigh of pleasure. I knew he was feeling the smoke effects. I started tongue fucking his ass as Adam held on to the boy’s ass and jacking on his own cock. He parted the boy’s cheeks more and I knew he was ready to enter his tight hole. I wet Adam’s cock one more time and guided his cock to the boy’s asshole.

Adam gently placed his cock to the boy’s ass and put both hands on his buttocks and gradually leaned towards the boy. He found the moist hole that I had prepared for him and moved in. He shoved his big cock into the boy with one full deep penetration. The boy let out a moan and shouted some obscene words at Adam. This aroused the animal in Adam even more. He started to move his cock in and out of the virgin Marine asshole with the rhythm of the music now heard throughout the tent. As the platform was turning around another man had positioned himself on the other side of the cross where he was now sucking on the boy’s hard dick. The Marine was in ecstasy as he was enjoying his blow job and ass fucking. He started to move back into Adam’s big cock so he could get the whole thing.

Meanwhile another Marine was brought to one of the other revolving platforms and attached to the leather cross. This was the second boy Marine. He was a bit shorter than the Marine on Adam’s cross, but his body was more muscular. His cock seemed average but as soon as he was attached to the cross and his cock went into the glory hole, he started to get hard. Another of our Lumber Camp Jacks was ready to start fucking the young man as soon as he was lubricated.

I looked to see if I knew who the cock sucker was. I had seen him during one of the fuck sessions at the Camp but never had sex with him. The second Marines ass fucker was a clean-cut average football player type. His 8-inch dick was not average in the size but he did not have any trouble shoving his cock into the Marines ass. This Marine was already backing into the 8 inches and begging for more.

They had brought in the third Marine after a bit of a struggle. He heard the men now talking and cheering on their buddies as they pleasured themselves with the Marines bodies. He was a bit frightened. Some one was talking to him and caressing his body. He finally became quiet as they led him up to the cross and secured him. He even spread his legs as they pulled his uniform down around his ankles. He had a good size cock and since no one had volunteered to suck on him, I immediately took my place at the glory hole and gently explored his cock and balls. He started to get hard almost immediately. I gently licked his balls before sucking on his cock. This seemed to make him hotter. I didn’t want to get him off too soon at least until his fucker had dumped the first load into him. He started to struggle when someone placed a cock up his ass for the first time. I kept sucking on him and he started to relax. His fucker got it in and started fucking with slow plunges with his long cock.

I looked over at Adam who was putting his load into the Marines ass. Adam could get pretty wild and the Marin’s ass was getting royally fucked. As Adam came he shook the whole cross. The Marine was gasping and came just as Adam’s cock was pulling out.

Now that Adam had lubricated the Marines ass the next man did not have any problem sliding in. As soon as Adam pulled his cock from the Marines asshole another man dropped to his knees and went down on Adam cleaning off his sensitive cock. He stood there until he was clean then walked off the platform. A round of applause was heard. Adam held up his fist and proudly walked into the crowd.

My Marines cock was going to cum so I waited until he was ready then I went all the way down on him. He shot load after load of cum. He must have not had sex for sometime. His ass was still being used as he came but it excited his fucker even more and he released his load into his Marine fuck. Soon as he pulled out another man went for his ass and started sucking on his asshole. This relaxed the used Marine before another dick was placed into his ass. He tightened his body as he was entered then his cock started to get hard again. I knew he was all right and was ready and now more willing to take another dick.

I left him to watch some of the action on the floor. Most of the men either had their cocks out of their pants jacking off or someone else was giving them a blow job I watched one dude cum in his rubber and went over to help him pull it off so as not to lose the cum. I rolled it down carefully and pinched the open end for safekeeping. I licked off the remaining cum from his cock. He gave out a pleasant sigh and held my head on his sensitive cock.

He asks if I wanted his cum filled rubber for a free beer. I said yes, and took it over to the beer tender to get the beer. They had already taken dozens of cum filled rubbers and had placed them carefully in a big glass jar on the counter for everyone to see. Sometimes they would taste one before putting it in the jar. Everyone was having a great time.

They had started to let the outsiders in the tent after most of the 12 had a good fuck from the Marines. They still had 3 fresh asses left in the back jail cells. The men were still lining up to take their turn at the young tender Marine asses presented before them. Most were now using the rubbers to fuck then turn them in for the free beer.

They had placed a small Jail Cell about 6 by 6 feet at the side of the tent. They placed the used Marines in there to rest up while the fresh ones were being used. The main 3 Marines were still taking on cock and were still being sucked off. The night was still young.
I went over to one of the platforms to watch them perform. There was lots of cum on the platform. It had filled the Marines ass to capacity and was now running down his legs. They stopped briefly to mop up the cum on the floor and give the Marine a break. The clean up man asks is anyone wanted to suck out the Marines ass and several men volunteered but only one got the honors. 

The Marine seemed to like the rest and backed into the man’s mouth as he sucked out some of the juices from his asshole. After the ass was cleaned they took him down from the cross and placed him in the Jail Cell to rest and have a drink. Another new Marine took his place and the action started all over again. No one seemed to get tired of fucking the young men’s asses.

Now and then a man would come up to the Jail Cell and offer the Marine his piss to drink. At first they refused but later began to drink the piss from the men. I saw 3 men pissing in, and on one Marine at one time. He seemed to enjoy the refreshing piss splashing on his hot body.

They were now starting the ‘S and M’ action on one of the side stages. They had several participants from the audience. They had another cross with leather straps holding the bare assed men while the Master would use his demanding actions on his slaves. It was interesting to watch but I could never get into this type of action. I didn’t like pain.

As I was watching all the hot action and was sipping a beer, Adam found me in the crowd. He asks me how I was enjoying the party. I had to admit it was exciting but I missed being with him. He took me in his strong arms and planted a big kiss on my lips.
Thanks for helping me get the party going. I noticed the professional way you handled it. Besides I enjoy you sucking my cock and servicing me. I especially enjoy fucking you and having your body next to me. I want to spend more time with you when we get back to Lumber Camp #1 and I hope you feel the same.”

I agreed with him and realized I liked the ‘fucking and sucking around’ but I also enjoyed being with just him. I liked our long horse back rides and meeting him at the outer camps. It was fun when we would head off to the woods and strip down naked to make love. Perhaps I was falling for this big hunk and I think he had feelings toward me too. Time would tell.

The parties continued all night and into the early morning. I had taken off my shirt and left on my western brown vest. I still had on my tight blue jeans and cowboy booths and hat. I felt a bit out of place with all the black leather but I still though I looked good. I was proud of my well-developed body and since I wore no underclothes I showed a nice impression of my big cock.

I went outside for some fresh air and to see what the other tents were doing for entertainment. I think ours was the busiest on the circuit. I headed over to Tent #6 to see if that hunk I met at the gatehouse today was there. I was waiting in line at the entrance of the tent when he spotted me. He came over and took me by the arm and escorted me inside as a guest.

Hey there cowboy. Can I ride your saddle?’ He said as he moved his hand down to my butt.

I have been thinking about how handsome you looked today. You are hot looking in those cowboy duds. Are you really a cowboy?” He asks me as we walked into the tent.

I just came off a round-up with some other cowboys heading into town for the Rodeo this week. I was heading back to the Lumber Camp#1 where I live, when I ran across some of the men that work there. They invited me and here I am.” I explained.

My name is Lance Woods.” I said as I reached out for his hand.

Hey, that’s cool. My name is Shawn. I am a friend of Ralph, the Dorm Manager at your camp. My, My, small world. He is a good man. Is he here? I haven’t seen him for about a month and would like to fuck his sweet ass again soon.”

No I don’t think he could make it because it’s getting close to Cutting season again and he’s preparing the dorms and ordering supplies. I’ll tell him you ask about him. I’m sure he would like to see you. You could drop by anytime. I know how much he likes to get laid. and yes, he is a good man. I like Ralph.” I replied.

Enough about his ass. Let’s talk about yours. Have you gotten fucked yet tonight? I want you man. Let’s go to the back room. There is a great round leather bed there that is not being used.”
I followed Shawn back to a darkened room with a big round bed. Lights were reflecting from a round revolving overhead mirrored ball. The sent of musk, cum and leather filled the room. The walls had black dark mirrors placed around the room as sounds of jungle drums bumped in rhythmic precession. 

Shawn took me close to him and kissed me lovingly as he rubbed his large warm hands down my back and to my buttocks. He removed my vest. We both looked into each other’s eyes as we slowly undressed. I leaned over to pull off my boots and set on the edge of the bed. He pulled off his leather chaps and jeans leaving on his leather vest, his leather billed cap, his boots, and a black jockstrap that covered his cock. I had completely undressed and was reaching for his jockstrap to remove his cock. It was a very large jock strap and as I pulled it aside I realized why. It was covering a very large cock and big balls. The base of his big cock had a silver cock ring. The ring tightened around his cock, as it got harder. I looked at it in amazement. It was magnificent. His cock was perfectly shape and proportionately matching his well-formed body. He was tanned completely over his body. 

Under these lights he glistened like a bronze statue. I reached for his huge balls that hung between his strong legs. I leaned forward to kiss his cock and lick the pre-cum juices that had formed at the tip of his cock. I tried to put my mouth over the huge cock head but could only fit over the head. I looked up at him and he smiled as he reached for the back of my head to push my lips back to his cock.
I want to fuck you with my big hard cock. I have some lubricant and I will take my time. You will please my cock and worship it. I am your master and your ass will be my receptor.” Shawn said to me like a priest in an ancient temple of Egypt.

I had taken Big Sam, the cowboy and had Tony the Firefighter; now this hot man wanted me to again receive his beautiful cock into my body. I really felt honored once again. I was willing to give it my best and I knew I wanted Shawn’s cock.

I looked up at him lovingly then stood up to reposition myself on the round bed of love. He dropped to his knees and kissed by ass and made love to it. His tongue found my hole and penetrated me with a fast moving tongue, and then he kissed it and knelt behind my buttocks. He lubricated my asshole with a soothing cool ointment and manipulated his finger around my hole gently, placing 2 of his fingers in me. It felt nice. He played with my ass for a short time then moved into position for the penetration of his huge cock into my love canal. He moved into me as the head of his cock gradually slid into my ass. 

He paused and then moved in deeper. Then once again he paused then plunged all the way in. I felt my cock jump as he hit my prostate but I did not cum. He had it all the way in. Then the round bed started to move slowly around in circles while the flicker of colored lights hit the mirrored ball. It almost made me feel like I was floating. I backed into Shawn as he took his time putting his cock into me then pulling it out.

The sensation was overwhelming. I don’t know what he put in me but it made me so hot that I wanted him to fuck me harder. My ass had a tingling itching feeling. I moved with him as he fucked me. I wanted him and I wanted his cock to pleasure itself. We fucked wildly in a dog fashion for a period of time. He turned me over on my back but his cock never left my hole. He pulled me around and placed my legs up and over his neck. He leaned into me and we kissed as his cock plunged deep into me. He set back as he pleasured his cock in my willing and tight asshole. My ass was for fucking and he was fucking me good.

I was really enjoying this fuck more than I had for a long time. We fucked and fucked in every position that we could. The sweat from his hunky body mingled with mine. The sensation of the leather bed sheet, added to our enjoyment. I felt his already big cock start to swell and I knew he was about to cum. His cock shaft was massaging my prostate and I knew I would cum quickly. He could not control himself and started to hump and pump me.

The wild sound of the Jungle drums seemed to have pounded louder and faster as we fucked. He yelled out with a joyous moan and pumped his love juice into my well-fucked hole. Even though he had fucked me long and hard I could feel his cum shooting into me. I released my cum over the two of us shooting up to his shoulders and chin. He opened his mouth to taste my cum as it shot on his face.

Then the drums stopped the lights dimmed and the bed stopped moving. I heard the applause and cheers of several men coming from behind the mirrors. I realized we had been putting on a sex show for several dozen people behind the mirrors. It did not bother me. I loved being watched while Shawn fucked the hell out of me. It was great. He looked at me in the darkened room waiting for a response from me. I pulled him down to me and kissed him deeply.

Thanks for one of the best fucks I ever had.” Then I paused and added…”tonight”. Then Shawn looked at me and said.

You little fucker. Did you know we were putting on this show?”
I looked up at him and said.

When is the next show?” then I smiled and we both laughed together as he fell on top of me and started kissing me deeply. His cock was still in me. This dude was a hot man and I liked him. I didn’t want him to take his cock out of me but I could feel it starting to soften and slowly ooze out of me. I felt the warm sperm running down my butt cheeks.

Another man entered the circle of love with a nice clean towel and proceeded to wipe my butt cheeks and rub lightly scented musk oil on Shawn and me. I watched the manservant gently clean and caress his big cock and look lovingly up at Shawn. I could tell this young man loved his master. He cleaned his cock and then kissed it several times while Shawn looked down at him and patted his head as he walked away. I followed Shawn into the other part of the tent where more activity was going on.

I hope we can do this again soon. I have another show in about an hour and if you’re not occupied with another cock, I would like to occupy you again. Would you like a repeat of our lovemaking? Shawn said to me as we entered the other room

Shawn, sir, It would be my honor to service your body again and have your cock in me again. Any time and any place.” I said to this good-looking hunk with the big 13-inch cock.

Story by Dick Clinton

Work Count, 4431
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Lumbering Jacks, Chapter 11

Lumbering Jacks”

Bikers to the Rescue!

Chapter 11

   When I arrived at the top of the bridge my Jeep was sitting by the side of the road where one of the men from the ranger station parked it here so I could get back to Lumber Camp #1. I was looking forward to seeing some of my buddies at home. I had only been away for about a week but I missed my father Jack and my brother Jack Junior. I had also thought about Adam, Steve, and their brother Andy. I had a nice encounter with Andy, the prison guard at the Rangers’ Firefighter Training Camp. I will have to admit, Andy was also a hot number, but the memories of Adam had come into my mind several times this week.
   I hopped into the jeep and turned the ignition. The motor did not turn over so I tried again and again. Some one must had left the turn signals on and now the battery had run down. I could not even use my jeep radio to call for assistance. The ranch hands were too far around the bend for them to hear me calling. I had no alternative but either to walk down the road to the nearest garage or to try to hitch a ride. This might be a problem because the road was not that heavily used except during our busy lumber season.
   I sat in the jeep for a few minutes trying to think what to do. In the distance I heard the sound of either a lumber truck or some cars heading this way. I walked over to the edge of the road at the foot of the bridge. I could see some motorcyclists heading my way. I waited in anticipation as they crossed the bridge heading my direction. What did I have to lose? I would give it a try. I stood there nervously and put out my thumb to hitch a ride. I tried not to show any fear as they approached.
   The lead man put up his left hand commanding the other bikers to slow down. He pulled into the opening and drove directly up to me and stopped. I watched carefully at the others as they drove next to each other parking in almost perfect procession. The billowing dust from the bikes made it hard for me to focus or breathe. As soon as the dust settled and all 12 bikers had turned off their motors, the leads man pulled one leg over the seat of his motorbike and headed towards me.

Kenue Reeves ?

   He was about 6 foot 2 inches tall and was dressed in a leather jacket, leather hat, gloves, and leather chaps that covered his worn jean pants. A nice impression of his crotch pushed out between the chaps held up by a large leather belt fastened with a large silver buckle. He slowly headed towards me in my tight jeans, the brown vest, and the cowboy hat that Duke and Jake had given to me. As I focused my eyes on him I thought his walk looked familiar. He got about three feet from me, slowly pulled off one of his leather gloves, removed his dark glasses, and said, “What the hell are you doing here, Lance?”
   I looked closer at his crooked smile and then I recognized him. It was Adam, my favorite man from the lumber camp. He started to laugh at me. I must have looked like a frightened lost puppy. I wanted to hug and kiss him right here but didn’t think it would be appropriate. Instead he grabbed me tightly and swung me around lifting me off the ground. I laughed and hugged back. He placed me on the ground once again as he yelled at some of the nearby bikers. “Hey, dudes, look who’s here! It is Lance, our buddy from the camp!”
   I heard a few hellos and a few men waved in recognition. I could not tell who was who in those full leather outfits, but when they started to remove their glasses and caps I recognized several familiar faces.
   I explained about the jeep and since they did not have jumper cables, one man removed my battery and strapped it to the back of his haws. They would take it to the garage down the hill for recharging overnight.
   I was surprised at the look on Adam’s face. He actually was happy to see me. He told me to hop on the back of his bike and hold on. They were heading for a yearly biker gathering at the old abandoned airfield left by the Marines a few years ago. Adam explained to me that the 12 of them were all employees of the lumber camp and had decided to join the party this year. They had to pay a hundred dollars each for tickets. This included lots of food and beer and a guarantee that the place was secure from a raid. He asked me if I wanted to go with them. I was excited at the opportunity to join my friends and check out all the hot leather men from all over the area. I immediately said a cheerful yes, and we were on our way. Adam’s brother, Andy was working at the guardhouse and would let me in for no extra charge. I would probably be required to suck his dick later but that would be an honor because Andy had a nice suck able cock.
   I was given a helmet to wear and sat on the back of the bike with Adam. I put my arms around him tightly as we drove onto the road. The roar of the 12 bikes was deafening and exciting. I felt the vibration of Adam’s hawg as he moved onto the blacktop road, leading the other men to our destination. I squeezed Adam tightly, letting him know I liked being next to him. He turned his head halfway towards me and gave me a big smile. He looked so hot and sexy in his leather cap and dark glasses. He had not shaved today and the dark stubble of his beard made him look even hotter.
   After about 15 minutes we pulled into ‘Sanders Brother’s’ service station to leave my battery to be charged, and make arrangements to have it picked up later. Joe, one of the station attendants, knew Jack and told me he would charge the battery and tow my jeep back to the station. I could get it later at my convenience. They all refilled with gas and headed out once more to the biker gathering only a few more miles from here.
   We drove down the road for a few miles, and then pulled off on a smaller, narrower blacktop road leading to the old abandon Marine airport. It was in need of repair because it had not been used for several years, since the Marines left the area. We arrived at the old guardhouse to show our passes. Much to Andy’s surprise I was with his brother Adam. He came out to Adam and me to greet us, and said to me with a smirk on his face, “Man, you sure get that sweet little ass of yours around, don’t you? I just saw you about five days ago and the last I heard you were herding horses with Big Sam and his ranch hands down in Green Valley. Hey, Adam, leave Lance here while you dudes go set up your camp. I get so horny up here watching all these young studs going in here. My nuts are beginning to ache. Perhaps Lance can give me a quick blow job or a piece of ass before you get back.”
   Adam shook his head at his brother. “You always have such a subtle way with words.”
   Adam looked at me for my approval. I took off my helmet and nodded to Adam. He smiled and started up his motor again and yelled back at me, “Save some of that ass for me, Lance. I will be back later to get you.”
   Then Adam and his other buddies headed into the compound. I stepped into the booth with Andy as the men drove past us. Andy was glad to see me and then he lovingly hit me on the arm and looked into my eyes. “I didn’t think I would see you again so soon. I have thought of you several times this week. We had a good time together when you were at the firefighters’ camp. Things will never be the same. You got all those inmates to going and now there are orgies every day somewhere. We even got the other guards to fuck Ranger Roy one time in the showers. He is such a hot man and sure loves getting his ass fucked. I don’t think he can get enough now. You should see him and Tony get it on. They put on a good show together. I just hope no one comes in our camp to break up our play times. Believe it or not, the men have become very good firemen too. I think one reason that they don’t have any animosity to each other because of the man-to-man sex that we all share.”
   He stopped and realized he had been talking so much but I was enjoying him. He asked me about my horse herding adventures. I told him about the great times we all had and how hot the cowboys were. When I told him about my event with Big Sam I could see Andy’s cock getting hard.
   A few more bikers had pulled up and Andy was taking their tickets before letting them in. I saw a few hot looking studs on the bikes as they passed. One dude stopped and asked Andy if I was part of the evening’s entertainment. Andy looked very seriously at him and said, “Yes, but you will have to stand in line for this one.”
   “Meaning me?” I said.
   The biker, said, “Can I have a number now?” He pulled down his dark glass and winked at me. “I mean it man, you are hot, and I would like to suck on your ass. My name is Butch and this is my gang. We will be set up in section 6 so look for me later. I think I love you.”
   I blushed and smiled back at him. “Section 6? I will look you up.”
   He revved up his motor, let out a war cry and headed on down the road.
   Andy and I laughed as the rest of his gang followed him into the compound. It sounded like this was going to be a wild time with these leather studs. I hope I was ready for it. There was a short lull before any more bikers came in. Andy said he wanted to hear more about my latest adventure but I was more interested in sucking Andy off again.
   The booth was an old Marine guard shack with windows around all sides. Two Dutch doors opened at each end. Andy was standing by the half-door as I reached to feel his dick in his dark uniform pants. He was facing me as he unzipped his pants and started to pull out his dick. He was already semi-hard from my stories but now I was about to make him even harder.
   “What if other bikers come by?” I asked.
   “Fuck, who cares? I don’t think they can see us anyway. Have at it, man. I need this real bad,” Andy assured me.
   I leaned over to taste the pre-cum from his hardening dick. His juices were clear and sweet to the taste. He had that manly musk smell that I loved. I looked quickly around to see if anyone was near then I dropped to my knees and started to service his manly dick.
   He unbuckled his belt and moved his gun holster to the side. I pulled out his wonderful hairy balls and gave them a good licking. I continued to hold his dick as I licked his balls then I ran my tongue up the base of his dick to his piss slot. He leaned back onto the desk and shoved his hips towards me.
   I loved sucking on Andy because he always seemed to enjoy getting his dick sucked so much. He liked to talk dirty to me as I continued on making love to his big, solid dick. I knew he wanted to cum but I was controlling his orgasm. Some bikers were driving down the road just about the time he was ready to shoot his load. He did not want me to pull away so he held my head on his dick and started to pump my mouth. Then he let loose with a big gush of cum. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat as I took a deep breath and swallowed several loads of his cum. He stood there as I milked down his dick trying to get every drop. There was a voice from above. A biker had come up to the window to give Andy his tickets. Andy didn’t move away from me as I sat on the floor with my mouth still working on his dick. Andy looked at the biker and said, “Shit. Hold it one more minute. I was just getting my nuts off. Awww, yeah, baby. That’s good. Oh yes. Shit. I'm cumming…awwwww.” He shot his remaining load into my mouth.
   The biker looked down to the floor, still watching me sucking Andy until he gave me that last gush of cum. Some of his cum was oozing out of my mouth and onto my hand. I swallowed down the remaining cum and licked off his balls and the tasty cum from my hand. The biker did not seem shocked but stood there patiently as Andy turned towards him with his dick still hanging out of his uniform and reached for the tickets. The biker apologized and smiled. “I’m sorry man. I didn’t realize you were still on your break. Now that is the kind of break I like. I have been riding for two hours with out a break. I was horny before, but now you dudes have made me really want some quick action. How about you letting your cock sucker give me some head before I head in with my buddies?”
   Andy looked down at me still on my knees. “Sure, why not? He is a real cum slut. I know he will be happy to drain your nuts. Get it while it’s hot, I always say.”
   Andy opened the half door and the biker stepped into the booth while his buddies waited on their bikes. He opened his jeans and pulled out his dick. I liked an unsolicited dick now and then and, since that’s what I was here for, to have a good time, why not? He was wearing tight jeans and a vest. He had on no shorts or shirt. His trim body was nicely tanned from the sun and his chest wet from sweat. One of his tits was pierced with a small gold ring. His thin face was framed with a dark beard.
   As I kneeled on the floor, anxiously waiting for a new load of fresh cum, he pulled out his long uncircumcised dick. He was not completely hard and the foreskin was still hanging over the head of his dick. I immediately stuck my tongue under the foreskin and tasted his manly sweat and a hint of pre-cum. He looked down at me through his dark sunglasses with his stern face. He was pleased that I was so eager to service him. He placed his hands on his hips and gave me full control of his manhood. He signed and leaned into me as I continued to get his dick harder. He grew to an amazing size. He was not that thick but about 7 ½ inches in length. He was very hot and since I was a good cock sucker, it was not long before I had his love juices flowing into my willing mouth. He gasped, leaned forward and released his hot load. I finished by cleaned the cum from under the foreskin as he slowly pulled away.
   He put his dick back in his pants and he walked out the door. He looked at Andy and said, “Thanks for sharing your break time with me.” Then he looked at me still on the floor and said, “Man, I want to see you later.” And then he hopped on his bike with his gang and they all drove off to join the others at the airfield.
   “That was kind of an unexpected pleasure,” I said as I got back on my feet.
   “I thought you would like that, man. He was kind of hot. I wouldn’t mind fucking his tight looking ass,” Andy continued.
   Andy sat on the stool in the shack and took a deep breath. Another motor was coming down the road but this time were not bikers but a Marine jeep with six young men in field camouflaged uniforms. They were all carrying rifles and wrapped around their left arm was a bright red armband.
   “What the hell?” Andy said under his breath.
   They came to a halt as they approached the gatehouse. Suddenly all hell broke lose as a group of men came from nowhere all dressed in field camouflage uniforms, and guns. This particular company of men had a bright yellow band around their right arms. They immediate approached the men in the jeep and lots of yelling was exchanged. The yellow team told the red team to drop their guns and get out of the jeep, and to place their hands above their heads, and hit the ground with their faces in the dirt. They immediately did as they were told. Andy stood in front of me with one hand on his gun as one Marine approached the gatehouse.
   “Sir, I am Sergeant Waters from the Marine Yellow team. We are engaged in war games with red team and we have the situation in hand. These are our captives and we are taking them prisoner. Sorry for the inconvenience but we need to get these men secured. We will need your cooperation if you would be so kind, sir,” the Marine shouted out at Andy. Andy looked a bit bewildered but understood the game.
   “How can we help you? We are in the middle of some games ourselves,” Andy said as he took his hand from his gun.
   He realized the rifles were nothing but paint guns used in their war games. While we were talking the yellow team headed by Sergeant Waters had tied up his prisoners and blindfolded them. A Marine truck came out of the trees and the yellow team put their captives in the back of the trucks. Everything was happening so fast that it was hard to keep up with the action. The sergeant saluted Andy and rushed off to join his team. They took red team’s jeep and followed the truck down the road to the airfield. I suddenly wondered if they knew where they were going. Andy once again looked at me in confusion and sat back down on the stool.
   “What the hell was that all about? I didn’t know there were any Marines still around here. Perhaps it was one of those weekend training maneuvers. They use to have a few barracks over the hill in the other valley, but I didn’t know it was still in use. I hope I did the right thing by letting them by the gatehouse.”
   I heard another motorbike coming from the airfield. It was Adam coming to pick me up. I walked outside the booth as he drove up.
   “Are you ready to go? We have already set up camp and all you have to do is enjoy,” Adam said as I hopped on the back of the bike.
   “Hey, brother, did you get your nuts off, you sex fiend,” Adam kidded his brother as we sat waiting for a reply.
   “Get the fuck out of here. I shouldn’t let you take my favorite cock sucker away, but you probably need some good loving. I can’t understand who would want that ugly face of yours anyway?” Andy yelled at Adam.
   Adam gave him the middle finger gesture as we all laughed and drove back to the airfield.
   We drove down a small grade and into a clearing around the bend of the road. The bikers were now using old rundown buildings still remaining from the Marine airfield. I was impressed with the campsites that had been set up. It looked more like a carnival or a state fair. There were large tents set up everywhere. Not just small little camp tents but large beautiful tents of every color and description. Hundreds of people were walking up and down the main road between several older barracks. The tents were connected to the front of them.
   Adam pointed out the lumber camp’s tent at location #9. It was a large black canvas tent trimmed in white. At the main entrance was black-and-white striped canopy covering a red carpet. At the entrance sat two large white stone lions like guardians. It was very striking.
   We pulled up to the side of the entrance to secure his hawg along with the others. Up and down the main street I could see other very impressive and well-prepared main tents. At the end of the block's long street was the old airport runway. Bikers were preparing for exhibits and races. A small airplane flew overhead as several naked jumpers were parachuting out of the plane landing on the field. Cheers and shouts of delight were heard as they hit their targets in the center of the field. It was a very festive and exciting.
   There were many small booths selling all sorts of items, pipes, leather goods, sex toys, food, and everything you could imagine. One booth had four young, good-looking studs demonstrating cock enlargers. Another was showing you how to put on cock rings, while another showed how to use all sorts of sex toys including dildoes. There was a tattooing booth and a body-piercing booth. It was unbelievable, all the things being sold and demonstrated and even given away. I never saw so many hot and good-looking men. I was told they had come from all over the States as well as foreign countries to attend this event.
   I was anxious to see what the inside of the lumber camp’s tent. Adam took me to the entrance where two huge men stood guard at the entrance. They really looked like they could keep anyone out. I was glad I was accepted with this crowd.
   We went inside where our crew was preparing the tent for entertainment. It was large enough to hold at least 100 or more standing people and a few seats placed around the outer edge. In the center of the room was a small movie projection booth. Three projectors would be running films at the same time directed at large screens and showing X-rated fuck films. A large beer bar was set up at one end of the tent. Between each of the screens and at each end were four elevated revolving platforms with leather-padded crosses. I was told that later men were to be tied to them and used for part of the entertainment. Big boxes of condoms were placed at various spots around of the room. Adam explained to me that to get a free beer you had to cum in one of the condoms and turn it in to the barkeeper. He said that later on they had a drinking contest to see who could drink down the most cum that the men had deposited in the condoms.
   They piped music into the room as they burned marijuana in the back room and pumped smoke into the tent keeping everyone buzzed. Another section of the room had a small stage with S&M shows using whips and belts, etc. In one part of the large tent a small open jail cell was placed.
   I could hardly wait to see whom they had chosen to be on the four leather-padded crosses. I thought it would be exciting to be chosen for that entertainment but didn’t think Adam had that in mind for me. I followed Adam around the tent as he instructed some of the men of their duties and answered questions. He seemed to be in full charge of the activities and I was proud of him.
   I had to use the restroom and Adam pointed to the side exit were they had set up several portable toilets and a large urinal trough where piss drinkers would volunteer their services. I headed to the still vacant urinal and did my business. As I looked around I noticed the Marine truck and jeep that I had seen earlier at the gatehouse now parked behind the building. I was curious so I went to the back building behind the tent and saw a Marine standing guard. I peeked into the room and saw the six young men setting in a small jail all by themselves. I wondered what was going on but made sure the guard did not see me. I went back into the tent and asked Adam what the Marines were doing in the jail behind this building. He took me by the arm, pulling me aside and quickly motioned for me to lower my voice.
   “I will explain later. The Marines will be part of our entertainment tonight,” Adam said to me. I nodded and said no more about it.
   I thought I would go outside and watch some of the other activities. Adam said he would have one of the other men from the camp go with me because he didn’t want me to get into any bad trouble. He motioned for Mick to escort me.
   Mick was here from Australia and has worked for my father for three years now. He was about 40, with big muscles and great eyes of green. He was balding and now shaved his head but had a nice thick dark mustache. He had a tattoo on each bicep. He looked good in his leather vest and tight jeans. He always showed a big bulge and I remember him fucking Junior one time at the camp. He had a nice set of balls and a big uncut Australian cock. I have always suspected him of being the dude that sucked out my ass one evening but I never confronted him about it. If it was him, I would like to repeat that scene again. He never said much but I had heard rumors that he had been a professional wrestler Down Under. He would be a good man to have around in case of any problems. Mick followed me out the door after Adam instructed him to take care of me. I guess I should have been flattered, but my main reason was to get into some good trouble with some hot men here.
   We headed down the midway looking and talking to people as we shopped around. I was fascinated at all the things that I did not know existed. I found a place where they were selling a chance at a cock-ring. You would give the man some money then you would pull on this string tied to a cock-ring in a big glass jug. It could be from 2 inches across to a huge 8 inches across. You took the ring you had chosen by chance and went to the back room where three men were on a small stage. You could only see them from their waist down to their knees. They were fully dressed in various outfits: Western jeans, leather pants, or a police uniform. You would go up to the man, unzip or unbutton his pants, take out his cock and try to place the cock ring around the cock. By the time you had his cock out it would be semi-hard and you could give them a blow job if you wanted. I bought one ring and gave it a try. I picked one and by the time it was out of his pants it was hard so I gave him a quick blow job, then I left. I wanted the other two but figured I would save my mouth for later on tonight.
   Mick stood patiently outside while I sucked cock inside. He just looked at me when I came outside but said nothing. I was beginning to feel like he was my eunuch guard but I liked him and felt secure in his presence. I really didn’t feel like I had anything to be concerned about because all the men here were just having sexual fun. I will have to admit I liked Adam for being so protective of me but thought now it was time to head back to the main tent to participate in the action there.
Story by Dick Clinton at
Word Count 4,905, 02/10/2005